Eric Clapton, like almost all other Baby Boomers, had his brain melted by social media...


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Jan 11, 2017
Yes it was the vaccines fault, not the years of cocaine use catching up to him



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May 31, 2005
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You have that completely wrong. I was agreeing with your assessment that boomers should be bant from the internet due to their inability to cope with others opinions and lack of skills in navigating the internet.

I also took it a step further to plead my case that the under 30s should also be bant. Their navigation skills are fine but their emotions are off the charts.

Imagine how much better the internet would be if only 30-55 year olds were allowed to converse. It would be very productive conversations and we would probably be able to figure out all of the worlds problems without all of the noise and distractions of those other age groups.

Now this isn't to say that under 30 or over 55 couldn't be capable of providing valuable information. There could be a test for those that really want to contribute. After passing the test they would have provisional access that would be closely monitored. I'm sure there are exceptions to the rules on both ends.
Imagine is didn't have social media period. How much better the world would be.