(EDITED)ATTENTION: Coronavirus Threads Policy Change

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May 2, 2005
I know that in the past we have had a moratorium against political posts on HOL, but we understand that we are in a different time right now and it is nearly impossible to not talk about it and not involve politics. We are going to loosen this rule at this time.

For the duration of this serious coronavirus episode and news, we will allow one coronavirus thread at a time and politics pertaining to the coronavirus will be allowed to be discussed in these threads. Please keep your politics limited to CV19 only and within these threads and do not bring them into another thread or start a political thread of your own. If you do, it will either be deleted or merged with the coronavirus thread. Almost anything goes, so enter at your own risk.

We still want to keep the threads as informative with breaking news as possible, but the political element will be allowed until further notice. As long as you are not being abusive, threatening, personally insulting to other members, or cussing out other members. If anyone is caught threatening anyone, it will be dealt with swiftly and will get a long vacation. Please keep them civil.

Remember -- anyone who gets really angry and out of control will still be suspended. If the threads veer off topic into nothing but politics, the thread will be deleted.
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