Do you believe


Feb 18, 2020
I have seen nothing from Frost or this staff that anyone who wants to see proof on the field can hang their hat on and say, yes he will turn it around.

He has been a head coach for 5 years and has had 1 season in which he had more wins than losses.

I hope he proves me wrong. Frost was one of my favorite players quarterbacks that wore a Husker jersey. I wish him and this team the best but I don't think they have it within them to do it. I hope I am wrong.
But that year he had a lot more wins than losses.

Big 10 is tough and Riley didnt leave the cupboard full.

Idk minnesotas timeline maybe @jlb321 can chime in but it seems Fleck even walked into some solid NFL talent on that team which we have seriously been lacking.


Oct 25, 2009
And they probably would have had at least that good of a record under Frost. I think Frost can do well when he has access to great talent.
Not by taking his whole staff, which they wouldn't have allowed in the first place. Some say that's the main reason Frost chose Nebraska over Florida in the first place.