College Football Top 25 & D2 and NAIA Football Playoffs

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    New NCAA Football Top 25

    College Football Today Week 13 Top 25's & week 12 scores can be accessed by clicking the interactive scroll bar below. 2020 QB & 2020 LB Recruit Rankings are now available. Click HERE to read the case we made for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish earlier in the season and scroll down to find more arguments that we won for Top 25 bragging rights.

    Top 25 College Football 2018

    Projected CFP Rankings
    Note: Our Top 25 is released nearly a full day before the AP & Coaches Polls are released.

    Utah State Colorado State Recap & CFB Today Scores And Predictions
    College Football Scores Today

    FCS Football Playoff Rankings

    College Football Today's FCS-1AA Top 25 - Week 13
    Updated 11/17/2018 at 10:19 PM Mountain Time

    FCS Top 25

    Read our "Fear The FCS" article by clicking HERE and learn why FCS teams fall to FCS teams every year. Check out the Walter Payton Watch-List by clicking HERE.


    FCS Football Scores & FCS Football Playoffs

    FCS Football Scores

    All of College Football Today FCS Football Scores and FCS Football Playoff Rankings


    NAIA Football Playoff Scores

    Find all NAIA Football Playoffs scores below and click on CFB Today logo to enter NAIA Top 25 at College Football Today.


    D2 Football Playoffs Scores

    The new NCAA D2 Football Playoff Brackets can be found below, along with our D2 Top 25 poll, which has all playoff teams that were selected from our 11/3/2018 update. Final CFB Today D2 Rankings & Awards will be completed by the end of the NCAA D2 Playoffs!

    NCAA D2 Football Playoffs 2018

    Note: Our Top 25 is released nearly a full day before the AP & Coaches Polls are released.


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    Free College Football Picks
    Over 80% of our predictions were correct this week on ALL CFB predictions! Take advantage before it is locked for our 500 + insiders only!

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