All-Time All-America Team


Oct 16, 2017
Grant Wistrom is criminally underrated. I cannot stress this enough. He is probably the #1 most prolific player of the modern era for any school in terms of national championships and winning percentage of games he played in. Went undefeated three times. Played major snaps and had a few sacks as a true freshman for the 1994 championship team. Big 8 newcomer of the year as a freshman. Started 1995-1997. Third team all american and all conference as a sophomore. Consensus all american in 1996 and 1997. Defensive conference player of the year in 1996 and 1997. Won the Lombardi award. First Round Pick. Won a Super Bowl, played in another. Suh is on the list above but he's not our greatest Defensive Lineman.

Jason Peter is the same in terms of team success but his individual accolades weren't as crazy as Wistrom's.

Mike, Kris, and Ralph Brown maybe deserve consideration. So many good running backs that Rozier isn't up there. Crouch maybe honorable mention.. but for my money give me the 1997 version of Scott Frost over just about anybody.

Very true, but Wistrom also wasn't considered probably the best player in football for a year like Suh was. Both are Husker greats, so I am not going to argue anything and the stats you posted speak for themselves, but Suh is many peoples eyes was the #1 player in all of CFB in 2009.


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Jan 19, 2015
That group of linebackers is sick.

One that could have been on the list too is Marvin Jones from FSU simply because of this quote.

“The ultimate hit for me would be where they had to call a trauma helicopter (ambulance to transport his victim to a hospital),” Jones said. “I guess it would be hitting a guy smack in the face and bending his head back to his heels.”


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May 24, 2006
I think im most excited to hear that Frost said that AM by the time he leaves this university could leave as the best QB to ever suit up for us........better than the best ever according to others!!


Jan 28, 2016
I'm sure glad we won all those cheap titles.:confused:

The Miami defense we pancaked into their own turf in the 4th quarter of the O.B. to win it all in '94 has two guys that made the second team, Sapp and Lewis.

(Hey 9and4, how do you like that?)