Big Ten West Division next year


Recruiting Coordinator
Sep 14, 2013
I think based on the types of players he's bringing in, it's pretty obvious that he's adjusting his scheme. How much remains to be seen.
You mean all the walk ons that are committing and a transfer rb & wr.. seriously, I don’t get the vibe that anything is changing at all.
He did Simple that he turning over more of the oc duties to the credit union guy. He plans on more hands on in QB coaching. Maybe just talk, but he did say it and you can always put money on what he says.
When I heard that he would split play calling, my interpretation is that this is not something Scott is giving up at all.. it’s a way to say you’re making a change, but really not.. coachspeak if you will.

sorry to poo on the parade, but I don’t see much of anything changing.

he did say that he was xcited about the lockerroom or something.. tried to make it sound genuine.. but just a short while ago he was too burned out to play a bowl game.

I think this is all an act.. Scott the salesman, the recruiter.. I’m not buying any of it, but help yourselves.


Redshirt Freshman
Jun 7, 2017
Alvarez was a great coach, but Bert took that program to unprecedented heights. Bert is an elite level motivator and talent evaluator. When his heads on straight it’s Dabo, Saban, and Bert as the best coaches in America.
Elite corches don't go 11-29 in the SEC or any other conference.

Football is definitely not your thing.