Big 10 Coaches Ranked - Based on likability by NU fans

Aug 23, 2019
Disclaimer, Hawkeye fan.

With that said, I will take Ferentz out of this. I really don’t dislike any of the Big Ten coaches anymore. Fleck is somewhat annoying but not anything that rises to the level of dislike. Fitz owns Iowa, so that is annoying. He is a good coach and I certainly don’t hate him for it. Day, Chryst, and Brohm are pretty reserved. I believe Frost is in over his head and could have used a few years as a head coach dealing with adversity at a smaller school before coming to the big stage. I have no dislike of him though. Harbaugh is maybe close, but he is more like the weird uncle that you don’t let your kids hang out with alone than a guy I hate.

James Franklin is probably the closest. He just has suck a punchable face, but now isn’t quite as bad since being dealt a dose of humility.

Bielema isn’t there yet but will certainly end up in people’s list before this is done.

I miss the days of hating urban because he is so good and a prick. And f—k Mark Dantonio even in retirement.

You could have stopped at Hawkeye fan and gone off to eat shit.
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