2019 recruiting class


Defensive Coordinator
Sep 22, 2007
Second year class is supposed to be the "change" class. Of the commits listed for 2019, I count nine that have already started a game. I'd say at least 14 will eventually start for the program, about 50% of the class


Jul 20, 2007
I have always thought the fourth year is where there can be no more excuses for performance laid at anything other than current coaches feet. You have had four recruiting classes, transfers and 4 years of S&C to improve the culture and players you inheritied and 3rd and 4th year players where all identified, recruited and developed specifically for you systems.

-If two Walkon's are starting at WR in conference games, now 100% Frost fault
-Playing three offensive lineman that are not Big Ten game ready like 2019, now 100% Frosts fault
-Martinez doesn't perform, 100% Frosts fault
-Cannot develop at least two Big Ten backs, 100% frosts fault
-Defense doesn't continue to improve, 100% Frosts fault
-Special teams suck, 100% Frosts fault

As to 2019 class, if you can hit on 50% of your recruits with top 25 classes for four years in row you have a good chance to win the West and that becomes the building block for next step. The transition class in 2018 flat out sucked but both 2019 and 2020 look like you will get that sort of rate of competitive big ten players. Who knows on 2021 although it is also solid on paper.

All this is really a mute point if we don't start winning games now though. I could easily see 2022 recruiting imploding like both Riley and Callahan's last class if it becomes obvious he is on bowered time and I think we all know what a fired coach and transition will probably look like in the transfer portal era at a school like Nebraska. I have visions of the last 6 games in the Riley era or that last Callahan season if we have to fire Frost.

On the other hand, If he is able to produce a productive offense and starts winning and I think it will absolutely jump start recruiting and will see 2022 meet or exceed the previous three classes and also see the Transfer portal open up for a QB and other offensive talent.

A lot riding on the next year for this staff. Definitely hoping Frost is not as bas as some on her think. If that is the case, it is probably 2025, best case, before we see a Big Ten west competitive team. Chiefs have Maholmes so at least I have something else to distract me for next half decade if that happens.


Defensive Coordinator
Aug 8, 2014
there are zero WR recruits on the team from the 2019 class

in fact -- 2018 + 2019 -- 10 recruits were signed and slotted at WR -- none are currently on the roster

should the staff just stop recruiting freshman WRs - RBs also for that matter - and just rely on the transfer portal and JUCOS knowing that even players leaving other programs for lack of playing time are better developed at those programs than they would have been starting their college careers at Neb