2019 Nebraska Basketball team


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Sep 19, 2011
I know it’s early but I think we need to be patient and hamper down our expectations of our men’s basketball team this year. Hoiberg had to put together an entire roster in just a few months.

Walker and Banton have to sit this year
Stevenson has to sit first semester if he doesn’t get a waiver
Arop and Cross need time in the weight room before they will be ready for Big 10 play.

That leaves...
Cam Mack
Jervay Green
Dachon Burke
Samari Curtis
Haanif Cheatham
Thorir Thorjarbnarson
Matej Kavas
Yvan Ouedraogo
And walk on Charlie Easley as 2019 contributors.

That gives us 6 guards and 2 forward/centers for the season.

I think to expect this team to be good this year is crazy. We have too many holes, are too young. Next year they should make a big jump when the Freshmen have a year of strength training and experience in the system, and you get two 6’8” guys in Banton and Walker eligible to join the rest.

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