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Discussion in 'Husker Board' started by ReuniteGondwanaland, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Sep 8, 2010
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    Who plays for us at DE this year, best guesses? Greg McMullen is a load and should push for some level of all-conference honors. Jack Gangwish developed over the course of last year from just a guy out there occupying a blocker to much better than I expected.

    Coach Banker says we will rotate players more this year "We will rotate players, especially up front, that allow us to play at the same level," he said. "Because you can’t ask Vincent Valentine, Maliek Collins, Jack Gangwish — well, maybe, Jack, because he’s a nut — and Greg McMullen, you can’t ask those big bodies to give you absolutely everything they have on 76 plays. You can, but you’re going to get (worn out). "

    Would be nice to have 5 guys who can give us good snaps. Last year we had only three that we believed in, it seemed.

    • Freedom Akinmoladun-- redshirt freshman, good athlete, moved from TE, I hope he's part of this. Spring game starter for white.
    • Joe Keels, senior-- didn't do much in the first few games last year (1 tackle) then basically was benched for the rest of the year. Spring game starter for white.
    • Sedrick King-- redshirt freshman, looks pretty athletic. Just about all I know about him
    • AJ Natter, soph-- same story as Joe Keels, three games, one tackle, then never seen again. Has had trouble stay healthy
    • Ross Dzuris-- Junior walk-on had a nice spring. Epic mustache.
    • Daishon Neal-- true freshman, fantastic athlete and big enough at 6'7" 250#
    • Alex Davis-- also a true freshman plus athlete but doubt he's ready this year
    • Carlos Davis-- possibly too good to expect him to stay here 5 years but we may not need him at DT this year
    • Khalil Davis-- same story as Carlos Davis
    • Maliek Collins-- athletic enough to play some DE if we have the depth at DT
    McMullen, Gangwish, who else gives us at least a couple of good series per game?
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    Dec 3, 2005
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    I think the first two off the bench might be Freedom and Ross. I have absolutely no accurate information to back that up. Just basing this off previous performances and what I've read.
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    Dec 5, 2010
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    Hopefully some of the undersized/young ends or LBs can emerge as pass rush threats in obvious passing situations to give Gangwish and McMullen some much needed rest.

    Dont need to know the playbook backwards and forwards or be stout against the run in these situations. Any ideas of guys that could fulfill such a role?

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