Redshirt Freshman
Oct 4, 2014
Cam is not a Center. He is a Receiver. Who ever put him at Center needs to be suspended for that dumb decision.
Kid is a true freshmen playing his first college game in front of 90,000 people after maybe practicing total a week and a half before the first game.

I am not willing to write him off just yet. I guarantee he will be vastly improved by the time November roles around.


Recruiting Coordinator
Aug 8, 2014
We missed a valuable opportunity to build some depth and see some kids during live action that may have limited opportunities in the future.

A one score game heading into the 4th quarter wasn’t the plan. Feel bad for vedral, the walkons and others down on the depth chart a bit. Glad to be 1-0 but the starters - particularly in the offensive side of the ball failed many of their teammates where this may have been their only chance to see the field.

I expect the offense to get things going otherwise many of the above mentioned players may see the field under different circumstances when we play OSU- Wisconsin etc.

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