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    One thing that sucks about 2016...

    Is that we will have what can pretty much objectively be considered our best receiving corps in school history and have either a turnover machine or true freshman at QB. Makes me a bit nauseous just thinking about it. How nice would it be to have either Zac Taylor as a sophomore or Joe Ganz as...
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    Who's "your guy" 2015?

    Michael Rose-Ivey. I'd like to see him have a great season coming off the injury.
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    Jordan Stevenson

    At the same time, Melvin Gordon and Ameer Abdullah probably got more publicity last season than any RB has received under Saban, save for maybe Mark Ingram who won the Heisman. And even him, I'm not sure if he received as much pub throughout the season. It seems that RBs in the B1G tend to get...
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    Uniform unveil 7/23

    I can't link to it right now, but the Huskers Twitter account just tweeted another preview/teaser. It looks like they're probably going to be black or charcoal uniforms with red numbers featuring the Adidas web design. I would guess the helmets will be either matte black or charcoal.
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    Oregon, UCLA, USC

    Is it just me, or are these teams getting a little too much hype as National Championship contenders going into the season? First off, Steve Sarkisian was this close to walking across the field to congratulate Barney Cotton on a nice win. He has never done better than 9-4 and USC lost a few...
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    Santos, Alexander gone

    Dedrick Young, Mohamed Barry, Tyrin Ferguson, Adrienne Talan, and I'm guessing Antonio Reed will start out at LB as well considering the depth. At least 2 out of those 5 True Freshman are going to be getting significant playing time this season.
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    Will the BYU game be a night game?

    Based on my understanding, the only possibility of a night game is if Disney passes it up entirely and then BTN decides they want it to be primetime. But that's not going to happen given that Stanford @ Northwestern is the only other decent B1G home game that day. I agree with Cornicator that it...
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    saturdays game venue

    Salt Creek crested overnight and started receding to now being below flood stage, which wasn't expected to happen until this afternoon. As a result, the pumps kicked back on at Hawks Field, so it looks like they may be able to get the games in at Hawks.
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    OT - Hate

    No, animals are incapable of consent in a similar manner as children. My answer on incest is a bit more complex, but to keep it short, no. It tends to be destructive to an already existing family unit. Laws against incest only prevent specific instances of sexual relationships, not an entire...
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    OT - Hate

    No argument from me here. We are all free to believe what we want or disagree with certain lifestyles and that doesn't inherently make us hateful.
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    OT - Hate

    Not good enough for me, unless a rational argument can be provided. Otherwise, presumably any book of at least partial nonsense could be used by a majority to restrict rights and freedoms.
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    OT - Hate

    As a follow up, it perhaps crosses the line into "hate" when you can't provide a logical argument for restricting rights or freedoms and resort to using a 2000 year old text or just a "because I don't like it" type message. For example, I'm okay with homosexuality between two consenting adults...
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    OT - Hate

    IMO, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing about anything. For example, I disagree with cherry picking about what to strictly adhere to from a 2000 year old text.
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    Boaz Joseph

    Kind of. I think he got caught with one of UNLPD's "bait bikes" (unlocked bikes placed by UNLPD with GPS). This post was edited on 4/20 5:52 PM by Egregious Error
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    South Alabama game will be in Primetime on BTN..

    Hmm... I really figured BTN would have picked up either our game vs. BYU or Stanford at Northwestern on September 5 for primetime as well. Oh well, there will be a few good games that night that I'll be able to watch now.
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    1620 the zone Benning on LP

    I would recommend actually listening to the podcast.
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    1620 the zone Benning on LP

    ^ Absolutely agree. Damon is the hands down the best color commentator I have ever heard for a Husker game.
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    I Saw a Husker Vanity License Plate Today...

    Haha, yeah, I was kidding. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and some guys are more okay with missing teeth than others.
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    I Saw a Husker Vanity License Plate Today...

    Even then, no self-respecting Husker marries a Herkie.