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    Ohio - SDSU on ESPN tonight

    Three top ten classes by Frank.
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    Severe is tweeting that there is a rumor

    No. The kind of place where Walters gets a head coaching gig is not going to pay assistants very well.
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    Stanford Locker Room?

    Completely overblown by snowflakes. Who cares?
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    FBS College Football is the only sports organization in history...

    If you are in a sports league (and these teams pay mightily to be in one...FBS football costs these non-power 5 universities millions unlike the Power 5 football teams that actually make money), you should have a chance to play for the championship. It happens in every other sports league that...
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    FBS College Football is the only sports organization in history...

    ...that denies half of their teams a chance to play in the playoffs. Let that sink in. From pee wee, to high school, to every other college division, to the pros, to volleyball, to basketball, to dart throwing, to tiddlywinks, to Australian rules football, to cricket, to hockey, to baseball...
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    Frost time out at the end

    I was at the game today. We obviously had the momentum after scoring and then stopping them on 3rd down at the 38. It seemed to me that calling the timeout with 40 seconds was the right call at the time. In retrospect without the emotion at the time, not calling the TO would have been better...
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    LOL Solich

    1. It's Osborne. 2. He didn't give Bo a good recommendation. 3. He is a legend at Ohio. He's turned that program around. No one's getting hired at a top 25 program at his age. Try again.
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    Olines biggest test is today.

    Going against the nation's #1 defense against the run will be a very tall order. If we don't get any push the game will be over quickly. While I love our skill players this offense is predicated on the run opening up the offense. (While this generally true with all offenseive sets, teams like...
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    Wait...Milton almost followed Frost to Nebraska?

    From B-R: That's why it was so hard for Milton to watch Frost leave for his dream job at Nebraska, and why he almost followed Frost to Lincoln. "Part of me thought about it," Milton says. "But in the end, these guys here, my teammates, I couldn't leave them."...
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    Jacoby Jones on the market. Exactly what we need.
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    Former player with bad hot take.

    Bryan, what are your thoughts on Mazur? Why do you think Frost isn't starting him?
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    Abdullah waived by Lions

    I don't see the Pats or any good team taking a chance on him. While these teams will rotate guys in and out there number one fear is fumbling. Why give the rock to someone projected to get a couple of carries a game if you think they have fumbling problems? Not going to happen. If he still...
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    Update on Greg Bell

    Nah, you are both wrong. It's when you go out with what you think is an incredibly hot girl. However, the girl next door who seemed plain jane last year all of sudden blossomed and looks "Divine". You recognize she is way hotter than the first one.
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    Blake or Taylor...

    I like the good discussion too. Frankly, I knew TMart's numbers were better than most remember but I didn't realize Zac's were so good. As far as those career numbers, none of them I gave were cumulative totals. (Obviously that would be ridiculous.) They were all averages. In fact you would...
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    7 straight games with 450 plus.. School record

    You are a nerd...and we need more guys like you around!
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    Blake or Taylor...

    I may have sold Zac short...but I don't think he was definitively better than TMart. While close, I think TMart's junior season was better than Zac's senior season. TMart--Passing Yds - 2871 Pct. - 62% TD's - 23 Ints - 12 QB Rating - 141.6 ZTaylor--Passing Yds - 3197 Pct. - 59.6 TD's - 26...
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    Blake or Taylor...

    There's about 13 Big Ten head coaches that would disagree with you about T Martinez being a qb since they chose him as All B1G his junior year. He may not be up there with Frazier, Gill and Crouch but he's in that next group with Vince, Tagge, and Frost. I think Taylor is definitely better...
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    Martinez's backwards pass.

    JD just didn't seem to be zoned in on that play, on a simple drop when we were trying to get breathing room out of the end zone, or on the big drop where he completely alligator armed it. The kid is a stud but Saturday it just wasn't his day.
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    KC Star newspaper calls for Bill Snyder to step down as head coach..

    Ehhhh...I wouldn't accept that if I was Snyder. After what he has done for the university you aren't going to let some AD pick your defensive coordinator for you. Can you imagine Tom letting $Bill tell him who was going to be on his staff?