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    If you could restructure the B1G divisions, how would you do it

    Just start running the current division and let someone else worry on that.
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    Freshman 4

    Dr. McKenzie Milton?
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    Quit whining, this schedule gives us character

    just play their game and they get two whacks at them.
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    crowd noise

    It would be really neat if we could all log in to the stadium during the game and they could pipe live crowd noise to the field.
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    Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

    I don't have a dog in this fight but to me the marijuana and gambling issues need to be simple and if it takes a few elections to guide the lawmakers so be it. I would simply put to the ballot something like should the consumption of medical marijuana be a right for citizens of Nebraska. Same...
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    N v. BIG is getting more fun by the day ...

    If they were told to keep a lid on it and they bucked a directive they could be released for cause.
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    Davis Twins

    thanks good to know
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    Davis Twins

    To lazy to look it up but curios what position they are playing?
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    POS Holtz receives a worthless award...

    The Presidential Medal of Freedom is a big deal and we all aren't going to like everyone who has received one. Same with Nobel. Lou Holtz had a meager beginning in life and became a role model for many young people and a terrific public speaker. For me I don't place much stock in anything...
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    Just how political is B1G football?

    It's not my definition you can go back to playing with your Barbies
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    Just how political is B1G football?

    you pay into Social Security during your working years and it's your money.
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    Just how political is B1G football?

    Well you are wrong. Trump represents you and me and the whole country. Trump received the majority of electoral college votes which is how we elect a president. Foreign are jealous the US economy is so much stronger then it's been in decades.
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    Just how political is B1G football?

    Don't know where you travel or the kind of people you meet. I travel outside the US for most of the year and I have never had a foreign tell me to my face the US is a laughingstock. I can tell you I would debate any crap talk like that with anyone anywhere. There is not one single country...
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    Eligibility Question

    I like the question. So I am 5th year and need 20hrs to complete my degree. You needed me in my freshman year and everyone else redshirted and they are still on scholarship or quit. Is this really fair?
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    OSU & NU

    different Governor and legislators. Kasich will whatever Trump is against.
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    Big Ten to Try to Play in Spring 2021?

    No thank you. When you are 100% sure you can return to normal then return to normal.
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    Penn State says no fans for football

    IMO ANTIFA and/or BLM will make a physical stand somewhere.
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    OT: dropping cable and streaming FB games

    try MOBDRO you can get almost any channel
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    Do You Think We’ll Play???

    curious if anyone has surveyed a team or players in general.