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  1. TFrazier

    Alex Gordon to retire

    I encourage you to watch the last video...very few like him in professional sports in 2020.
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    Alex Gordon to retire

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    What if Spielman wasn't that good?

  4. TFrazier

    What if Spielman wasn't that good?

    Can you imagine the records he could/would have set if he played for “2” years with the COVID eligibility ruling? He could have set records that lasted for decades. He made his choice and best wishes to him. I won’t be keeping track of his progress. I have too much to worry about with family...
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    I can’t wait for the election to be over!! Winking
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    MNF - Darren Waller

    Can we let Fidone graduate high school before anointing him as a NFL tight end? The guy will have enough pressure on him to succeed in year one...unless you want to compare him to Tony Gonzalez or Travis Kelce? Winking
  7. TFrazier

    OT- Better Chiefs TE. Kelce or Gonzalez?

    Hard to say at this point...might make more sense to wait until Kelce’s career is over since he has several years left. Also Kelce could have multiple Super Bowl rings and it will be easy to decide at that point. Winking
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    Look no farther then this position for this season and on....

    Crossing fingers that there is a bunch of iron in the quarterback room in 2020. Winking
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    I bet seeing an actual schedule will assist in having an “educated” discussion but maybe that is just me. Winking
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    OT: Anyone have a robotic mower?

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    Big 12 & ACC Back in Action Today

    Correct a couple of errors in the first half and Arkansas State could be leading by 10+.
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    Big 12 & ACC Back in Action Today

    Students packed in like sardines at the K-State game. ;) Outbreak coming in a few days...not sure it helps their chances to continue playing football.
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Ed Manning and the University of Kansas say hello...
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    I think Bill Moos and Coach Frost need to add palm trees and import sand to the designs for the front entrance of the new athletic facility. Ocean breeze music needs to be played all around campus. They could add a water park with a wave pool next to the outdoor practice fields. Maybe that...
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    Dan Patrick says possible October 10th start

    Sir Yacht and Big 10 fans across the country...
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    The Vote Was 11-3 to Postpone

    How many times have we heard breaking news about how the vote went within the conference? I wonder what it will be tomorrow...8-6? Winking
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    OT: A Drive Through Western Nebraska - Pt 6 North Platte

    I really enjoyed these posts and images. However, where is the picture of a Runza? Winking
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    Best #98 in Husker history

    Are we starting the top player per # over again? Asking for a friend. Winking
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    Fastest Player on the Field

    Thanks for sharing that video...well worth the watch. I was in Manhattan when Taylor Martinez had his coming out party in front of a national audience on ESPN. The running lanes were huge that night and Martinez definitely took advantage of them!!
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    Naming rights for Memorial Stadium?

    Nebraska Furniture Mart Stadium... “You are looking live at NFM Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska with 90,000 fans chanting GBR including longtime Husker fan Warren Buffet. Winking