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  1. ATLsker

    TCU Hornfrogs 2020 depth chart for ISU....

    To be fair, it looks like Spielman is tied for 2nd string. I'd be pretty surprised if he doesn't win the job at some point this year. Also, what's up with his weight? Down to 167 from 180 on last year's roster. Could be his mental health struggles have taken a toll on his workouts. Or maybe we...
  2. ATLsker

    OT - grand jury

    Why did the boyfriend call 911
  3. ATLsker

    Big Ten Meeting this morning - cancelling season?

    Let's be clear about something. We very well could have played this season if we hadn't screwed everything up so bad as a country. Other affluent nations have been able to have sports such as soccer with modifications. IMO there are three things holding us back: The lack of any sort of national...
  4. ATLsker

    ACC and SEC scheduling news

    So weird seeing Notre Dame as a regular ACC member! But I guess they have a partial deal that allows for this to happen. I was kind of hoping they'd be left out in the cold :P
  5. ATLsker

    OT: dropping cable and streaming FB games

    Youtube TV has gone up a lot in price and I'm ready to cancel it. I heard that Sling will be carrying BTN this year. I think they were waiting on the CFB season for the big debut...
  6. ATLsker

    Temp Check: NEB football this fall?

    I heard that young athletes are so immune that they develop something called "reverse herd immunity". Basically their bodies produce such antibodies that they spread through the air and make others immune to the virus. We should take advantage of this and have a tunnel walk where all players...
  7. ATLsker

    Holy Sh_t, who is this new D Lineman?

    I thought this was amusing.. the 45 pound barbells weren't strong enough so they use 55 pounders! Polar Bear was actually doing 685 the other day.
  8. ATLsker

    OT jlb321- ECMO Study. Fully functioning and living at home does NOT

    Lol I'm over this guy. We're supposed to trust whatever he says because he talks to a few doctors and people in the medical field. But we're not supposed to trust the epidemiologists or any datasets that aren't in his specific area. And he won't even provide the data for his area! (Hint.. he...
  9. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    I conceded that there could be errors in the data, especially with such a small sample size. You are ASSUMING that all reported deaths are erroneous without any proof. And you are doing that in contradiction of Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Saag who appear to be well respected in the academic community...
  10. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    Table 3: I don't doubt that the odds are super super low, I just think there is enough of a chance that there could be some bad implications for football. And yeah, the data could be have errors like that. Especially when dealing with...
  11. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    Are we still believing in the whole global conspiracy of scientists thing?
  12. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    The point is that a reallllly small death rate spread across 13,000 people is actually pretty deadly.
  13. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    LOL I get the feeling you didn't understand it. Maybe your kid can explain it to you. "The odds of having a football player die from COVID regardless of whether or not he's playing football or not is less than 1 in 100,000" Source for this wild claim (besides your butt)? The CDC says case...
  14. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    Here's the ethical dilemma. If we assume that: 5 players will die in CFB if we play (the middle of the 3-7 range) Around 13,000 players in FBS Nebraska's roster will be around 150 players (one of the largest in the nation) Then the numbers say: 12,995 players in CFB survive the season Each...
  15. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    You don't know that. As far as I can tell, the actual study isn't available to read anywhere. So that's wild speculation. It does say things like "Taking into account that range and medical care provided for football players, the death rate would be lower than the general population" so I think...
  16. ATLsker

    University of Illinois projects

    He's not exactly some random dude. You can look these things up: "From 2012 to 2014, he served as the Program Director for Operations Research at the National Science Foundation"
  17. ATLsker

    Student-Athletes Will Soon Be Social Media Influencers.

    I thought Martinez's scholarship was enough compensation though??? If he can make $150k on just twitter and instagram, how much value is he bringing to the university?
  18. ATLsker

    China Virus

    Hey, whatever you need to believe so your boy Trump isn't to blame. Dude doesn't even read his daily intelligence briefing... of course he missed how big this was. He continues to treat this as a PR problem, but the virus doesn't care, it keeps on killing. That's what the real tragedy is, so...
  19. ATLsker

    The Program short video

    We did do The Program back in 2013: