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    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    Why not let the consumer decide? If private producers of electricity can bring it to the marketplace and be competitive with combustible energy drivers, then I say perfect. But don't tell me I have to stop driving my truck just because someone makes a policy mandate. Plus, I would add that...
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    Wilbon and Howard

    I think its sec bias. ESPN is the sec network basically. More viewers for them if we don't have a season
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    OT: Vitamin D

    We are "The Beef State." Beef is loaded in zinc and vitamin B12. ZINC from supplements or plant based isn't readily available like zinc from red meat. Full disclosure, I do take zinc supplements for other benefits.
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    Eduardo Andre picks Nebraska

    Can he shoot free throws?
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    Oil at -37 a barrel

    1.19 in schyuler
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    Amy Williams

    Would like to see athletic guards. Not just guards that manage. 3s and 4s in her system have been great.
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    OT: The CDC's most recent statement on what "could" happen as COVID-19

    I have not seen it if it has been reported but, how many cases have been reported in the southern hemisphere?
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    OT: The CDC's most recent statement on what "could" happen as COVID-19

    My strategic plan for never contracting.. 1. Eat Beef. 2. Get lots of sun. 3. Eat a red bell pepper every other day. It's that easy.
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    2/21 Baseball

    Luke watched 3 pitches without moving his bat. Pathetic
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    I will just leave this here!!!

    Wasn't Carl annointed as the next head coach of ysu already? Seems like I remember reading that awhile back somewhere. Could be wrong tho
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    Exciting stuff. Amy Williams has quite the nice basketball program going on that, unfortunately, no one in Nebraska is talking about. Sure she doesn't have the history of john cook, but she also wasn't handed a program like cook inherited. She is doing something at the university that if...
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    Cowboys hire McCarthy. Other hires..

    Hire Aikman to be GM and let him find the best fit.
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    Morning Trivia!!!

    Grant. Perkins Co
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    15 commits, 13 days left.

    I think we get 5 more before then.
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    Who am I?

    His mom was, umm, very pretty to say the least. She had an account on the scrolls if I remember correctly.
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    Martinez Starting QB

    How many of his own passes has h3 dropped this half? I count 3.
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    Did you think the same this time last year?
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    Martinez Starting QB

    No. He is doing exactly what coaches have asked. Quit calling out 2am. Mario and Scott have the reins and are pulling extra hard right now
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    Do you think Adrian is "over-coached " ? Get out of his ear, and let him be an athlete. Recruited him as a Playa Let him be a Playa They've told him not to throw down field, take the sack, don't be the turnover machine. It holds him back. It makes him beatable. It is corn starch on an oil...