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    Here is the problem. Nebraska football is no longer a national brand and can't successfully recruit outside of their geographic region. They also have no major metro areas to draw from. Its not the 90's any more and this is not the Big 8. Time to adjust your expectations. 7-5 and bowl...
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    Was it a mistake firing Bo Pelini?

    It was a mistake to fire Solich.
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    Zero win season?

    Zero win season? One can only hope.
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    Nebraska "Over/Under" on wins is...

    Yeah every time I question the wisdom of the oddsmakers I get a painful lesson as to why they do what they do and why I do what I do for a living. Unfortunately the rest of the sports (and non-sporting) betting public may not realize this...hence the opulent surroundings in which these sports...
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    Nebraska "Over/Under" on wins is...

    I love this post. Seriously.
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    Mike is surely...

    Last time I checked the calendar it wasn't 1995. Any team can go into most stadiums of an average team and win.