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    Special Teams

    Are we allowed to block the other team in order to return a punt? It sure doesn't appear to be the case... Saturday our guys were just running with them as they came downfield. Never even attempted to jam/block them at the line of scrimmage.
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    Lamar Jackson?

    Is he hurt? Haven't seen him in a while...
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    When the O-line doesn't do it's job, the OC's job is like taking a knife to a gun fight...
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    Huskers offer 2018 dual threat qb

    There's just too many quality QB's out there that can pass AND run. No since in recruiting a QB who is a statue in the pocket...
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    who is the person

    Good point redwine...
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    HTO had good insight and was generally correct on a lot of his "insight". He just took his attacks towards people to a ridiculously personal level... May be a great guy away from this board, but on this board he was a real jerk.
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    who is the person

    This may be the weirdest, dumbest post on this board I've ever seen...
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    Pass D

    The 3rd and 26 conversion was 100% Mark Banker's fault. Rushing only 3 guys in that situation is unfathomable.
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    Fresno State Prediction Thread.

    lol It's the season opener. Our intensity will be through the roof
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    Trick plays?

    It would be nice to see a few WELL TIMED trick plays today. We are healthy, we are coming off a bye week, and we have nothing to lose. Throw some new stuff at the Hawks that they haven't seen from us on film this year...
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    If wind is a major factor...

    we have ZERO chance to win. Some of Tommy's worst games and worst decisions have happened in very windy conditions. I know it's windy for BOTH quarterbacks, but Tommy seems to melt down in the wind. Hope I'm wrong and hope the wind is not a big deal today...
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    Iowa Prediction Thread

    Hawks 27 Huskers 24 *Hope I'm wrong...
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    Kevin Williams gets 6th year.

    Collins has some unfinished business and needs to get a little better. He's staying...
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    He has a monster arm...
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    Banker... on the defense

    I'm just glad he didn't say "we're close. We just have to execute better."
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    Aside from the booing early on,

    Play calling got better after our OC got booed.... just sayin'
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    DPE injury...

    Yeah... I saw it when it happened. Just wondering if there was any news as to the severity of the injury. It looked bad...
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    DPE injury...

    Any news?
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    Fyfe should have been the qb from day one....

    He committed a cardinal sin. The snap was AWFUL, but he tried to pick it up. Just fall on it like every 8 year old has been taught to do since they started playing pee wee football.
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    Fyfe should have been the qb from day one....

    Do you play fantasy football? What Fyfe did today was pure fantasy gold. Dig yourself a HUGE hole and then play from behind the rest of the day to pile up cheap stats. Throw some meaningless TD's and pile up the yardage to make the score look "better"... there was a reason we were playing...