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  1. TheHuskeRed

    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    I was at that game (first and last time I would ever travel to that cult-fest). Nearly got in a fight with several Aggies sitting near me over that royal screw job. Unbelievable that call about roughing their QB to give them the game. Hated Bo overall but the crap he took that game was beyond...
  2. TheHuskeRed

    Schedule announced tomorrow.... Again

    Not that hard, but I called it exactly.
  3. TheHuskeRed

    Schedule announced tomorrow.... Again

    Guessing Our 4 home games will be against Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Penn State, and our 4 away games against Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern and Ohio State. Let’s see how close I am.
  4. TheHuskeRed

    Huskers add Arakaki to their 2021 roster

    Great new Hawaiian pick up!
  5. TheHuskeRed

    Thinking about watching Fidone play on Aug 28th

    All righty then ... guessing that’s a no.
  6. TheHuskeRed

    Thinking about watching Fidone play on Aug 28th

    Does anyone know if people outside parents are allowed to go to Lewis Central home games this year due to COVID-19 concerns?
  7. TheHuskeRed

    And Here's the Justin Fields Petition to the B1G (over 250K supporters)

    I just signed it. I was 199,542 at 9:30 pm
  8. TheHuskeRed

    For you recruiting experts ...

    If we are fortunate enough to receive a commitment from Fidone and we get to 15, what is the likely number we will take (making the assumption we lose nobody to the transfer portal due to the postponement of our season) and where are the greatest needs still?
  9. TheHuskeRed

    Wow. Surprised no discussion on here about email about tickets today.

    Option 3 for me ... you left out you get 30 priority points if you select that option. Not a great benefit for having slightly better priority points but it gives you a few minor privileges. Nebraska Athletics uses priority points to award tickets and seat locations for away games, postseason...
  10. TheHuskeRed

    New commit Dylan Carey 10/11/19 Carey, Colorado’s number one player in the 2022 class, left little question to that fact after a solid showing at the Underclass World Series. Physically-gifted at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds with broad shoulders on a frame...
  11. TheHuskeRed

    JD officially gone

    Sorry he is leaving and don’t wish anything bad on him. Nor do I wish him good luck going forward as many have done in this thread. Why would I wish good luck to someone who has spurned the very team I support with all my being. Thanks for devoting years of your life in trying to regain our...
  12. TheHuskeRed

    Disappointing loss

    Hated to see Gareth Stroh decide to enter the portal today. The starting pitcher with the most Big10 experience we had gone after all of two games pitched for us, and that after sitting out for a year after transferring from Purdue. I wonder if it had something to do with the rehab he received...
  13. TheHuskeRed

    Commercials that drive you nuts!!

    And can we sneak in radio ads please? “Hey you can’t do that here”. “But the sign says you pull it”. Seriously?
  14. TheHuskeRed

    OK ... my stab at a WAY too early starting lineup this year

    And just when my season prediction for starting lineups was taking form .... :(
  15. TheHuskeRed

    All time loudest plays in Lincoln

    And the winner is Alex Henery’s 57 yarder. Was there in my usual north EZ seats dead in the middle of the goalposts 57 rows up. Have N E V E R heard a louder explosion of ear splitting noise in Memorial stadium
  16. TheHuskeRed

    15 Feb 2020 Game 2: Nebraseball at Baylor - Baylor wins 8-7 (10)

    Was Max tired? Dude was extremely effective. I’m probably in the minority but I despise the concept of the “ CLOSER”. Roll out your EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE pitcher in the ninth and see how he does. If he starts to have issues, THEN bring in the next pitcher. This concept that the last three outs...
  17. TheHuskeRed

    14 Feb 2020 Game 1: Nebraseball at Baylor - NU wins 19-9

    Let’s see how close I come to my “Way Too Early” prediction I made last November for how we start this thing this year: 1st base - Luke Boynton (R/R) 2nd base - Jaxon Hallmark (R/R) SS - Spencer Schwellenbach (R/R) 3rd base - Cam Chick (S/R) Catcher - Luke Roskam (L/R) Left Field - Mojo...
  18. TheHuskeRed

    Improved pass rush?

    For those who follow it closer than I, what does it look like for improving our pass rush next year? Have to admit I’m clueless regarding what it will take to have our defense crank up the pressure on the opposition, especially in obvious passing downs. Been one of if not THE most frustrating...
  19. TheHuskeRed

    Top 4? LSU jumped OSU.. Make your picks..

    Imagine if you will only having the top two teams for all the marbles? Can you imagine the outrage from Clemson?
  20. TheHuskeRed

    OK ... my stab at a WAY too early starting lineup this year

    So I try and guess who we roll out there every season and if I even hit 75% that’s good for me. Using articles and just a flat out guess from my gut, here is my stab at what we will go with for Bolt’s first year at the helm. Trying to convince my wife to thaw out and travel to see them play...