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    Iowa Sucks.

    Funny thing, they want KF out and have zero shot of that actually happening. Great to see a gutless university not make a tough decision for the better of their team.
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    Prediction on the Big Ten championship game spread? I say 20 points.
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    Iowa Sucks.

    Io_a losing is the best, especially to see them struggle so much.
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    NU runs a bend but don’t break D, and we gave up less than 200. Next excuse.
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    Getting outgained in total yards by Illinois, needing terrible INTs that were not forced and were a result of a terrible QB, zero pass rush, one directional offense. My opinion hasn’t changed. You were dominated first half. Iowa is still a very bad team. This is one of those games where the...
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    Iowa at home and at night is a beast. Outside of that time and place they are not the same team.
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    After watching you three weeks in a row Illinois may be your only conference win.
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    Regardless of the result, Iowa is bad and easily the 4th worst team in the West. Behind Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern, and pry Minnesota as well.
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    It's BLACKOUT Day

    That’s a fair point. However, unless you are willing to aid or adapt to a small change, such as this, it will never happen. The reason why ‘No Sit Sunday’ was so awesome a few years ago is because everyone bought in. This is one of those scenarios.
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    Hey Iowa, you are ONLY playing Illinois.

    Iowa is a bad football team. All of their chatter and smack talk and they can’t even dominate lowly Illinois.
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    It's BLACKOUT Day

    Get off my lawn! GBR! Wear Black!
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    Black Friday: The End & Iowa's view of why

    NU needs to put up. It is 2017 and we haven't won anything of substance since 1999. Until we annually beat on a team that we should beat up on, Iowa, we really can't complain on our standing. Results will garner more privileges, not historical data. It's quite sad to see how our image has...
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    oregon point spread

    Public money on Ducks. Will be interesting to see what happens when the sharps lay their cash down.
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    Diaco press conference

    Great press conference. Speaks his mind and does it eloquently.
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    kudos to Iowa

    Great new tradition for them on this. Kudos to the Hawkeyes.
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    The stadium may say "greatest fans in college football", but it should "greatest overreaction fans in college football." Media included. Overthinking can cause many issues.
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    A 5 loss season?

    I did't say anywhere that they played a clean game. They helped us out as well. They seemed to capitalize more on our errors more so than we did theirs. They were far from perfect as well.
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    A 5 loss season?

    I can't disagree with the idiot part on putting a game at risk for vanilla play. However, I can see a point of arrogance that can do this. Diaco doesn't lack confidence whatsoever. In my opinion, he was confident we would win and had the arrogance to continue that style of play we put up...
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    Arkansas St. Quarterback

    This is exactly correct. We gave them a ten yard cushion, so they took it. If we played zone he read the coverage and found the open man. He was a very decent QB that was given time with only a three man rush.