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    Alaric Jackson

    HTO.....fiction can be fun, can't it? Add in your drama and heck, Iowa may be lucky to even field a team in the near future. I think husker football is on the brink of something special and Mike Riley will lead Nebraska back to national prominence. See....fiction can be fun! THE HERMENATOR
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    Should we be for Iowa in the Rose Bowl?

    I can assure you this Hawkeye fan will be rooting hard for the Huskers against a pac-12 team. If you were 12-1, that wouldn't change a thing. If anything, it might make me root for you guys more. As long as you're not lining up against the Hawks, I have no problem cheering for Nebraska, or any...
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    Dear Iowa Trolls

    Hawkeye fan here. Grew up in western Iowa, close to the border. Have no real hard feelings towards Nebraska's football program whatsoever. Wish Iowa's program could become what Nebraska's used to be; a constant national power. Deep down, already know it's probably never going to happen. That...
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    Why is it so hard

    A good comparison for Nebraska fans would be your 1993 team. They were 11-0, but the big 8 that year was pretty horrible that year, was it not? I could be wrong, but at the end of 11 games, you were 11-0 and had only defeated one? ranked team in Colorado. You had a couple of closes wins, too. I...
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    Iowa could very well win the BIG and compete for Nat Title

    Hawkeye fan here, worried infinitely more about our game in Lincoln than our game in Indy against Mich. St. Iowa's defense has been getting exposed lately and explosive offenses will give the Hawks problems. Nebraska has the perfect offense to give Iowa problems. Iowa is going to have to...
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    Ferentz to USC

    Before Kirk Ferentz is named the head coach at USC, Carl Pelini will be named the President of The United States of America. THE HERMENATOR
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    Will Iowa still be ranked after they finish 11-3?

    I just can't get over how large the anger and hatred for Iowa has grown amongst the Husker fanbase in the last 8 weeks. Most (certainly not all) are just in plain denial that what Iowa is doing deserves any credit at all. The arguments being brought up against Iowa's 10-0 start are all over the...
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    Imagine the difference if the MSU DB made the pick

    I thought it was, "If your aunt had nuts, she'd be your uncle." THE HERMENATOR
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    I have been to 15? or so Husker games and as a lifelong Hawkeye fan, about 50 games in Iowa City. I have zero ill will towards Husker fans. If they're not playing Iowa, I will cheer for the Huskers every game. Here is an honest appraisal of both fan bases, written as more of a Hawkeye fan than...
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    SIAP: Just saw a stat on ESPN

    Bo wasn't fired because of his embarrassing tactics. He could have acted just like he did and had he won a national championship, he would still be around with a contract extension. He didn't lose his job because of his poor public relations skill set. He lost his job because he couldn't take...
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    SIAP: Just saw a stat on ESPN

    I think you're probably right on that one. What I don't understand is....when Bo departed, he didn't take Papuchis with him...yet Bo refused to part ways with him when it was demanded the year before his firing. Bo had his assistants' back, only to further help him lose his own. THE HERMENATOR
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    SIAP: Just saw a stat on ESPN

    You mean like when he lost seven bowl games in a row, most of them not very close? And this coming after numerous conference championships? And yet he still felt the pressure to change his entire way of running the program...back in 1991, which was light years before the world we live in today...
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    SIAP: Just saw a stat on ESPN

    Exactly. He would have taken it to avoid being fired. Tom Osborne and his accomplishments would never exist in today's world. Ever. He would be fired long before competing for, then losing the big games, and long, long, long before eventually winning his three national championships. The days of...
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    Osborne on Denver sports radio at 8:30

    Oh.....My.....God. Now I am 90% Hawkeye and 10% Husker fan, but am I actually reading about Husker football fans BASHING Tom Osborne? How is that even humanly possible? The guy is nothing short of the most successful coach in the history of the state of Nebraska. He forgot more about winning big...