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    Why would Frost choose NU over Florida?

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    Thoughts on what is happening at MissouriU

    I didn't bother reading some of the links regarding why this situation occurred, and read nothing other than the feces incident and the stopping of the president's car,,,,here's the rest of the story: 1. Supposedly, the student body president, a black man, was called the N word by individuals...
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    Post-game interview...Riley really sounds like

    I bought into the argument that he didn't have the players to do much more at OSU...not so sure about that now.
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    thoughts I would not argue that Langsdorf is a good QB coach, however he has no business being an OC...not even close. Play calling has been pathetic all season long...there have been only moments of offensive flow so far this the damn ball!!! Armstrong is so limited in the pass...
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    Calipari and his excuses

    I saw nothing wrong with what Calipari said on the video... Agree that if Kaminsky, or any other white guy, had said that to any black guy the fire would still be burning. I do not agree for one second that K is a better coach than Cal...I think that anybody at that level is as good as any of...
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    If the NCAA is fixed, then why

    I don't feel that it is fixed, but have serious issues with the final couple mins of the UK/UW game, and then last night the way that K complained at half about not being able to get UW to foul, and voila, UW with 7+ fouls 7 mins into the second half. For Tom Izzo to have to say that he hopes...