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    Who really shut down B1G football?

    Some governors may have leaned on presidents, but ultimately the decision was the presidents. There was a vote, but they don’t want anybody knowing how they voted, due to blowback. Hence the lack of a consistent story and why Warren looks like a dope. He makes the big bucks to be the Patsy
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    Some of the new players get their inside

    think that was Will Nixon
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    Summer Lifting tweets 07-14-2020

    In one of Duval’s tweets today McCaffrey looks to have made serious gains in the offseason
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    Marvin Scott

    Imani Cross
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    Revised Win Totals

    I’m all for it. This year is a throwaway anyway...might as well play the best teams every week to get better in the future. Who knows, might even pull off a big upset or two.
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    Big Ten Only Season

    Personally I love the idea of home and away games with all divisional opponents. We get 2 shots to beat Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.
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    SEC Shorts - blue bloods

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    University of Illinois projects

    Meanwhile the 2020 Darwin Award goes to Alabama students who are throwing COVID parties to see who gets infected first.
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    University of Illinois projects

    We don’t know of the long term damage from covid-19 to the lungs. We are learning more and more but there’s still more we need to know. Post covid-fibrosis can lead to permanent lung damage and end an athlete’s career. It will be interesting to learn more about the long term consequences of...
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    Odds the season isn't cancelled

    Good for you. “I’m not selfish but I also don’t like the government dictating what I can and cannot due and when I want to. It my freaking choice!!!!“ saying “it (sic) my freaking choice” is what’s selfish. Wearing a mask isn’t about you. The government shouldn’t have to tell you what to do...
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    Odds the season isn't cancelled

    that’s literally the definition of selfish.
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    this game...maybe. Except for the final drive. There were plenty of games this season chin lost
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    Please fire Chin, Walters and Dewitt. Bench 2AM
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    WTF Frost? 2AM really
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    Your mama so fat jokes...

    Yo mama so fat, she wears 3 watches because she covers 3 time zones
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    20 games into the Frost Era

    I do like Fisher but I’m not sold on Verdu. 2AM has regressed. Verdu has recruited well though.
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    20 games into the Frost Era

    I can’t think of any coach who isn’t replaceable. Maybe Held.
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    OT: Bomb Cyclone

    Today outside Boulder we only got about 5 inches of snow but paired with 60 mph winds things get wild. Much more snow to the east and south of me. 165,000+ people without power and lots of schools are without power. They never cancel school around here but it seemed like every district cancelled...
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    Haven't had a chance to rewatch yet, what % would you say Deontre Thomas played

    Mick would be good at setting the edge but unfortunately he's pretty slow ala "Frankenstein on roller skates" cam meridith pass rush
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    No suspensions?

    If you are upset they didn't get suspended for misdemeanor marijuana possession, it's probably a good thing you won't be able to see the ESPN 30 for 30 about NU in the 90's