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  1. HuskerNate79

    Houston Nutt

    Good Lord, how Steve Pederson bungled that coaching search. That was a miserable month.
  2. HuskerNate79

    OT: Good reads

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this one. Fascinating life story of a great and complicated American.
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    Urban Meyer on Nebraska

  4. HuskerNate79

    Frankie Solich

    The common thread in 1-3 was general ineptitude and an absence of unified vision at the level of the AD and above.
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    If you could jump on a bandwagon

    Minnesota, I guess, because my beloved late grandfather was an alum. But really, the idea of rooting for any program other than the Huskers makes me gag. The only point of other teams is for them to be driven before our guys in defeat while the lamentation of their women and children make a...
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    More Hype

  7. HuskerNate79

    Dedrick Mills arrested on the 14th

    LOL at the pearl clutching over a missed traffic court date. Sign him.
  8. HuskerNate79

    Hats off to Iowa

    Rooting for other B1G teams be like
  9. HuskerNate79

    Dedrick Mills arrested on the 14th

    Do I really care enough about Mills effing this up to say he shouldn’t get to be a Husker? Honestly...
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    Talent level Big 10 West

  11. HuskerNate79

    WOW! How much longer is John Cook going to coach?

    I think Cook should retire from coaching at the same time Moos retires as AD, and then take over that role.
  12. HuskerNate79

    OU & UT future B1G targets?

    Texas is fool's gold for any conference. It is absolutely toxic.
  13. HuskerNate79

    Does anyone have thoughts on Root Beer Floats...

    Not a fan of ice cream other than vanilla in a root beer float. BTW, that good Sioux City Sarsaparilla goes well with the vanilla ice cream, friend.
  14. HuskerNate79

    Urb donezo

    Texas is also a fart of a season away from firing Herman if Meyer is available. This will be the scene if it happens.
  15. HuskerNate79

    Big 12 Rules that "Horns Down" gesture will draw a Penalty in CCG

    I will never, ever regret leaving that dogsh*t conference and its master.
  16. HuskerNate79

    Buffs Part ways with Maclntyre

    You know Bo Pelini will be lobbying for it.
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    OT: Original Star Trek Episodes, my top 5

    C'mon, you guys. The Cage. The first ever "green girl" in sci-fi television.
  18. HuskerNate79

    Big Red Wrap Up

    Where is Bill Doleman, these days? I think he'd be great.
  19. HuskerNate79

    I was reading some

    I think this idea is hilarious, because what are any of us here for if not to see other fanbases get properly trolled? "Brian Ferentz' Moobz" would be a good handle, although perhaps a bit on-the-nose.
  20. HuskerNate79

    Iowa Sucks.

    It’s all there tonight. Trashing the coaches, throwing players under the bus, fight-me IRL guys, accusations of racism. Pretty nice little Saturday for them.