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    starting WRs

    Agreed. Nixon was one of my favorite recruits from last year. And Brown is fast.
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    Best running back ever at NU

    Bobby Reynolds (before my time, but he held the Husker rushing records for years). Best Husker running back I've seen: LP.
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    Keyshawn announces death of daughter

    Keyshawn Jr's sister. No cause of death given.
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    WTF are my Chiefs doing?????

    Joe Thuney to the Chiefs! That's a shocker. NFL rumors: Joe Thuney leaves Patriots to sign huge free agent contract with Chiefs (
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    WTF are my Chiefs doing?????

    Doubt if the Chiefs are going to give $20M/year to a 32 year old tackle. That'd wipe out almost all of their cap space in one signing. There will be cheaper options. Now if Trent Williams want to take a discount to have a chance at a Super Bowl, sign him up! But he's looking for a big...
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    WTF are my Chiefs doing?????

    Or what chiefs gonna do Riley Reid?
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    WTF are my Chiefs doing?????

    I think if any Chiefs fan underestimated the importance of Fisher and Schwartz that they Super Bowl showed them what they were missing. It's impossible to have a high powered offense without a top offensive line. Fisher wasn't great, but he was a good player who handled the LT spot for...
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    WTF are my Chiefs doing?????

    The Chiefs were a lot over the cap, and now they're a little over the cap. There'd been talk of releasing Fisher for a while now, even before the injury, due to his large cap number this year. And just because they're released doesn't mean they won't be playing for the Chiefs next year. They...
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    Cade Johnson - draft prospects

    2021 NFL draft: Can South Dakota State WR be next small-school stud? ( Projected to be drafted rounds 3-5.
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    OT Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

    Understand this is a Pink Floyd reference, but the real Vera Lynn died last year at the age of 103.
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    Looking forward to spring football...

    I want to see the new offensive skill players. Manning and Toure at WR and Morrison at RB. As for the OL and QB, I don't think I'll believe anything I see until it's on the field in the fall against competition.
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    Big Red Wrap-Up Signing Day Special

    Big Red Wrap-Up: Signing Day Special, 2005 | The podcast is posted. (Despite the "2005" in the title, it's for this year's 2021 class.)
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    2 spots left...

    I don't believe any walk-on scholarships rewarded will count against the 25 yearly scholarship. They would count against the 85+covid numbers allowed for next years class, and I think there'll be spots available. I imagine some of the players you mentioned will get scholarships. The 2...
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    2 spots left...

    It's hard to tell what our roster will be like until after spring and we have our own defections. But right now, a DB might be good. If we have some unexpected (to me at least) defections after spring ball our needs may be much different. I bet right now they're tracking a number of players...
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    2 spots left...

    I'm sure the coaches are disappointed with missing out on Dickerson, but I bet they're thrilled to have 2 open slots remaining for transfers (from 4 year schools and JUCOs both). That can provide immediate help for next season, and everyone expects there to be a LOT of action on the transfer...
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    Dickerson got wrapped up in all the glitter

    Yes, this. I'm old. I remember when the Huskers were good. He's 18. He may recall some mediocre seasons under a head coach who hated us, and some lousy seasons since then. If the program doesn't turn around and start winning games, going to bowls, and competing for championships, we'll...
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    It was a one year ban, so no, he's not banned now. Colorado police once again arrested Bieniemy, then in the NFL, in September 1993. The Orlando Sentinel reported that Bieniemy allegedly grabbed a female parking attendant by the neck and threatened her. The University of Colorado Boulder...
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    Lubick may be out the door

    Matt also played college football at Western Montana. Yes, that's different than Montana State, so he's not looking at his alma mater, but he does have ties to that area in addition to his dad coaching up there.
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    Lubick may be out the door

    Assistant coaches want to be head coaches. I don't think it's much more complicated than that. Matt's been coaching for 25 years or so. If there's a head coaching opportunity, it doesn't make sense to wait around for a better offer. This might be his best shot. Good luck. Hope he gets it.
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    I’ll say it.... I’m downhearted....

    Spring practice will come along and the Kool-Aid will flow. Everyone will be convinced this coming season will be a breakthrough.