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    Chinander’s comments

    Not a fan of Chin..he might know the x's and o's, But he is not a very good coach.They gave up alot of points at ucf and only won alot because there offence was able to score alot.To win in the Big they need to get alot better and nasty mean,like Black Shirt Mean!
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    MBB today.

    Boy they arent worth watching any more..Knew they werent going to be that good this year ,but who knew they would suck this bad.Maybe they need to lose old Doc and his bad luck he brought back with him.. This coaching staff has there work cutout for them finding some better players then they...
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    OT: The Crow

    Top 100 ! maybe try watching it while sober and then rate it..
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    OT: The Crow

    Sorry,but that show wasnt that good at all
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    Zachary Evans

    His picture reminds of jamie fox when he dressed up as Wanda on living color.i would attach pic of Wanda,but dont know how to on here.
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    Departing Letter to Fans

    Looks like you spend alot of time on there site,maybe you are confused which team you are a fan .I dont think people here gives a **** what ohio st players are having problems with!!!
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    Four-Star Husker target Thomas Fidone was one of the top...

    Husker lean? Hell he has been to iowa 4 times and only once to nebraska..
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    One thing going for us.

    None that matters when we are talking about this team..If there is a way to lose they will find it!
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    Popeyes chicken sandwich

    sorry ,but it taste as shitty as chic fil..People are fickle when it comes to fast food..wouldnt waste a second standing inline for a chicken sandwich..even us black people ,who are chicken eating fools wouldnt waste time standing in line for a chicken sandwich..It must be a white people thing!!
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    DC options

    He played like shit this past weekend
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    Mo is no longer with the team

    Heard on tos that Frost will be meeting with Mo pretty soon and go over the things he needs to do to earn his and the teams trust back. Sounds like he is not all the way out yet.
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    Is Rodney Groce looking at Miss St?

    Saw on the other site a new crystal ball pick for Miss st..Any body hear if he is thinking about visiting them?
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    Our offensive line

    looks like matts ass is hanging out of the front of his shirt.
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    Adrian Rumor

    Please lets not start making up crappy reason why they sucked dick!!! maybe our oline had flu like too..Please lets stop using pussy ass reasons for there poor showing. They even said they had a poor week of getting ready for the game ,after the game,which wasnt reported on this sunshine...
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    NU needs new facilities soon...Dinardo..

    I bet they could of done some nice up grades if they did'nt have to pay all the loser ass coaches they had to pay off to get rid of them.
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    FWIW - DL J. Green likely to join team this weekend ...

    laugh,, this site trying to make people pay to see info,but 247 gave it away free!!! he should be here this weekend or next week.shows you dont have to pay this site if you know where to look!!!lol
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    Jahkeem Green

    Our other recruit Jamar Sekona just got a bunch of crystal balls on the other site to USC..Home town school be hard to pass up on..I really like him..Any body hear any thing on him?
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    I have a headache

    Shit,i married my headache and she never lets me forget it!!
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    So few commits??

    Is the 2019 commit Green even going to make it or not.. i saw he visited Texas Tech 6/18/19 ,so it makes you think he is not going to be playing here..Had high hopes on him.
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    North Dakota Bisons get Mcdonalds at white house

    Easton Stick is from omaha isnt he?