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  1. HuskerDana

    Kaden Helms

    Punctuation is hard.
  2. HuskerDana

    Is it time for Moos to go?

    Dead on. People need to remember, that if NU would NOT have hired Frost four years ago, he would have been run out of Lincoln already.
  3. HuskerDana

    Oklahoma/Nebraska game

    Yeah, well....still don't care about Iowa. Illinois beats Nebraska right now. Iowa is certainly not a relevant program stepping up to beat NU. NU is just stepping on their own d**k. Iowa....meh...they are really the least of NU's problems. In fact, I can't remember if I have ever even been to...
  4. HuskerDana

    Oklahoma/Nebraska game

    Gotta disagree here. This is a terrible look....especially after the outcries to play last year, then whining about the schedule, then getting owned on the field all year. This certainly doesn't fit the "we'll play anybody anywhere, we just want to play football" mantra we heard. This is also...
  5. HuskerDana

    OT: Bats in the attic!

    Correct. Pup season for bats is early May or so through August/early September. We do not...nor will most companies do them from June 1 through September.
  6. HuskerDana

    Got my vaccination today....

    Nope. First one bi....or kinda gay. Second shot then makes you full blown gay.
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    OU football player in a brawl

    @litespeedhuskerfan, this just totally reminds me of a friend of mine back in college. We were hanging at a bar in Omaha (four of us). My buddy has kind of a loud laugh. We were just sitting at the end of the bar joking around. Three dudes were playing Golden Tee right next to us and one of them...
  8. HuskerDana

    More proof culture isn’t a problem with Neb Football

    Well, I can tell you that we have had some pretty good success when lightening things up at the middle school and high school level from time to time. I don't think a quick game of dodge ball and some dancing for fifteen minutes of practice is the problem. I think some people are so quick to...
  9. HuskerDana

    How many more games does Nebrasketball win?

    Agreed. They have played some better ball, but I just don't see any more than one more. Besides, the free throw line is still
  10. HuskerDana

    More proof culture isn’t a problem with Neb Football coach then?
  11. HuskerDana

    More proof culture isn’t a problem with Neb Football

    Maybe if they spend an entire practice doing so.....and if this was fall camp, three weeks before our first game, I would agree. Lightening things up from time to time may actually HELP irt focus and playing looser.
  12. HuskerDana

    More proof culture isn’t a problem with Neb Football

    Damn...big difference with critiquing the difficiencies within the program....and just be a whiny douche that I hope doesn't own a dog. You seem to fall in the latter category. 😞. Stay hot, dude.
  13. HuskerDana

    Husker Board's 20 Most Bizarre Moments...

    I think that one was actually about bizarre.
  14. HuskerDana

    Husker Board's 20 Most Bizarre Moments...

    Still remember @superman787 absolutely destroyed Rick over the dumpster diving deal. That s**t was hilarious 🤣.
  15. HuskerDana

    Frost is in quicksand, and it is his fault

    Unfortunately, the sky might actually be falling on Frost. He had better win this year.
  16. HuskerDana

    Frost is in quicksand, and it is his fault

    Mud hut on the prairie.
  17. HuskerDana

    Northwestern gets Hilinski from South Carolina.

    Best post a long ways....schuele, ftw. 🤣
  18. HuskerDana

    OT: Automotive/Electrical experts help!

    Try disconnecting the battery, then turning the key to completely drain the system. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, reconnect the battery. Might work.
  19. HuskerDana

    Anybody watch UCLA Stanford?

    If I was a Bruins fan, I'd be more hot about the turnover with under a minute left. Call a simple run play, run it two more times, and leave nothing on the clock. Stanford had no timeouts....that game was over.
  20. HuskerDana

    Bowl Game

    I think they are making the right choice. I only hope Frost watches that last half about 56 times. There is your blueprint.