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  1. mel mains

    Kade headed to KSU

    Martin Gramatica wore #10.
  2. mel mains

    OT: NCAA Tourney 2nd Weekend

    Actually this is the feeble progression of a fan of the worst P6 program in NCAA tourney history whose fandom has been defined solely by mocking Creighton in the absence of accomplishment by his team. Creighton used to be a mid major, then he lost that. They always lost after one game, then he...
  3. mel mains

    Andy Dalton to the rescue!!!!

    But not Waechter’s safety?
  4. mel mains

    OT: Video & Sound from Mars

    It's as though the planet has tinnitus.
  5. mel mains

    OT: New kitchen knives

    Same here. We spent thousands of dollars on knives and I swear she picks the wrong one to cut whatever she's decided to mangle instead of slice. I'm nearly sure she does it just to piss me off.
  6. mel mains

    OT: Lebron calls courtside woman b**ch

    Why anyone pays attention to the NBA is beyond me. More made-up, thin-skinned privileged drama than a Beverly Hills high school.
  7. mel mains

    Mills on culture

    How do you even get out of bed in the morning.
  8. mel mains

    OT: Celebrities you’ve met and impressions

    About a year ago I got Mike Madigan to press the elevator button for my floor in our shared building's parking garage. I didn't have the heart to ask him about that day's Tribune headline. I still laugh at the concept of Mike Madigan being my bitch, just for a moment. Mike freaking Madigan.
  9. mel mains

    How is Herstreit allowed....

    So he's rooting against his twin sons?
  10. mel mains

    Green in the portal

    So let's recount. You three times positively averred that TO admitted he made a mistake in hiring Pelini; then paraphrased that unfounded statement, with quotation marks this time, into another unfounded contention. Then leave it to another to disprove your assertions. Well, ok...
  11. mel mains

    Green in the portal

    No he didn’t. Just stop.
  12. mel mains

    Green in the portal

    Stop making shit up. Osborne never said hiring Pelini was a mistake. Osborne said he took a chance in Bo’s demeanor, and it didn’t change as he’d hoped.
  13. mel mains

    Space Command

  14. mel mains

    It’s been one decade ....

    Define “we.” Internet posters or the actual decision makers?
  15. mel mains


    Why isn't there a first down line?
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  17. mel mains

    A non-Iowa fan dominated prediction thread for NU vs. PU

    Brohm confirmed yesterday that a number of players (in addition to two reported WRs) had opted out for personal reasons, but he did not identify them or the number.
  18. mel mains

    Is downtown omaha...

    Old Irving here. Plenty safe.
  19. mel mains

    Sad news out of Lincoln: sidetrack band

    SidetrackSlut would be a good rivals name.
  20. mel mains

    Football Prediction

    If you're going that route, shoulda said 66-17.