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    Volleyball Girls or Cheerleaders

    You small mf’ers need to get over your short man complex. Volleyball FTW. Don’t bring that “I’m a grower not a show-er” crap either.
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    SIAP: Lubick hired

    No 6 stars? Weak! Winking
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    Eddie Murphy on SNL tonight

    You’re welcome. That could have taken any number of turns. Wanted to clarify.
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    Kayla Banwarth

    Tell me you are drinking?
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    Eddie Murphy on SNL tonight

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    Nekton Mentality

    Disappointed in this thread after seeing title about getting nek
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    Anyone remember LeKevin Smith?

    Yes, he was a DL who could get a push. Ahhhh, the memories....
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    Max Duggan game yesterday

    19-27 273 yds 2 TD and 1 INT 13 carries 72 yds and 1 TD Played against 15th ranked Longhorns
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    Orlando Sentinel article re: Sean Beckton

    Nice article
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    Youngstown State

    Each industry/sales job is different. Having said that, I work in sales for a large international corporation and travel a lot. The good “sellers” are already working on their next lead/opportunity while on the current trip. Even if it’s you land, go to work/meetings, go check in, grab dinner...
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    Storming the field?

    Let me guess, you wear Affliction T-shirts, have a barbed wire tattoo on your bicep, and drink milk straight from the jug? Winking
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    Rishard Densmore

    Wut?!?!?! Seacrest is like going to watch Super Bowl every Friday night!
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    South Alabama ticket prices about to go up

    Someone can research, but what % of male announcers played football at D1 level?
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    Alex Lewis cut

    Couple of you sumb!tches wear your granny’s underwear for fun and Lewis isn’t liked?
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    It’s over. Announced in time.
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    OT: Account Question

    You think Hoiberg and Frost are the only ones “processing” dead weight?…
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    FWIW - No Autographs/Pictures with Frost at Fan Day

    What pizza place? That could change my answer.
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    California proposing athletes get paid for likeness

    Aren’t you the fun one at parties… Winking