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  1. c2o

    Did I miss it?

    No. But the stadium is lit up red.
  2. c2o

    Need a new lawnmower

    Get yourself an old Toro and mow like a pimp.
  3. c2o

    On this Christmas Eve ...

    Merry Christmas.
  4. c2o

    Game will be televised on Fox Business

    Yeah, i'm gonna crawl back in my hole because I can't take this foolishness.
  5. c2o

    Game will be televised on Fox Business

  6. c2o

    SI's Greatest CFB Photos

    Bear looking clean. I need that coat.
  7. c2o

    Oldify App

    Man, you better watch yourself.
  8. c2o

    Arthur Bryants or Gates?

  9. c2o

    When did you lose respect for Miles?

    Howdy Doody looking mf'r bragging about being a millionaire.
  10. c2o

    Mitch Sherman

    Now, he will have to look up two different things to decide if he should be insulted.
  11. c2o

    Mitch Sherman

    You are ridiculous.
  12. c2o

    If you could jump on a bandwagon

    Buy a hat. Just don't wear it around me.
  13. c2o

    Anyone watch Surviving R Kelly

    This isn't reality TV. If you don't know what you are talking about, it is best to be quiet.
  14. c2o

    Hey Hamburglar.....

    Hamburglar is damn near 40.
  15. c2o

    OT: GEICO commercials.

    My Mom hates this commercial. I can't even say what she said. To paraphrase, lil f'n bitch.
  16. c2o

    OT: GEICO commercials.

    Fat gut walking dogs with a lil snarky bitch asking him questions.
  17. c2o

    OT: GEICO commercials.

  18. c2o

    OT: GEICO commercials.

    Good commercials. Insurance sucks.
  19. c2o

    Bevo vs UGA

    Holly Rowe is a big fine woman.
  20. c2o

    Dedrick Mills arrested on the 14th

    I was damn near 30 years old before I figured it out. It would be nice to give the benefit of the doubt.