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    I don’t understand a lot of things about this team... that being said, Scott and the team will get better...
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    This is hard to watch..
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    Indiana Game Prediction

    I really wish it were different but I think: Indiana 31 - NU 10... too many “ifs” at this point... the internet will explode, but the future will still be bright... sooooo, relax...
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    The current state of the Team

    So, based on the posts since the Minnesota game and the fact that performance and the season performance up to this point is enough to label Frost and his staff as not Power 5 ready, etc. I will make the assumption that if we win Saturday that Frost is going to be held up as a great coach and...
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    Barney Cotton

    Get well soon!
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    Party like its 1999

    Booyahh! I have a buddy from Friend...
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    Indiana -2

    It shows where we are at as a program. We have been there for many years and don’t get the name bump anymore with Vegas. Luckily it will only take one winning season to get that back...
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    Nebraska path to the West

    Interesting this is even being talked about. Winning the West was never in the cards this year but fans wanted to believe it so now we are angry that it didn’t happen... Moos said from the beginning that bowl eligibility was the goal and that has not changed. 6 wins is achievable so anything...
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    Gameday to South Dakota St next week

    Good for them... should be a competitive game...
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    Indiana -2

    Wow... thank goodness nobody here is in charge of leading anything.. I hope these posts are sarcastic as it is some of the whiniest shit I have heard in a while...
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    Indiana vs. Maryland

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    Indiana vs. Maryland

    Anyone watching? Thoughts for next week?
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    No Fear of Failure

    What would you say are the major cultural challenges Frost is dealing with at the moment?
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    No Fear of Failure

    Thanks for your service, guys!
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    No Fear of Failure

    Good point. No sarcasm in this question, so take it exactly as written. Does anyone here know the Xs and Os well enough to tell if we are close or not? I don’t. Even watching it in replay, I have to rewind a lot to check blocking, routes, QB eyes, gap discipline, etc. I would imagine Frost...
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    Players leaving/ have left

    In any organizational change there are multiple waves of attrition: Phase 1: I don’t like new things or can immediately tell it is a bad fit (first year) Phase 2: I’m going to give this a try, but it ends up not working out, due to getting replaced, fatigue, lack of fit, etc. (2-3 years) Phase...
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    No Fear of Failure

    Agreed, great post. Cultures are so unique, should be interesting to watch grow over the next couple years...
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    Anyone listen to Rob Zatechka on 590 today?

    Exactly.. Ever think Frost thinks to himself, man I could have gone to about 5 other schools that were stocked with talent?
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    Anyone listen to Rob Zatechka on 590 today?

    Lots of good points. I think where he was going with the Ozigbo piece was that he brought a lot to the table, blocking, short yardage, etc. that would have allowed the other skill positions to focus on their roles instead of having to fill in so many shortcomings on offense. I think we are...
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    Anyone listen to Rob Zatechka on 590 today?

    The most interesting part was that he views Robinson, Washington and Spielman as “third down” backs that have been forced into service in other roles. Interesting notion. No deep threat and they really miss Ozigbo..