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    James Carnie, new Iowa offer

    I love how as fans we do this. We still have the better deal... Already saying we've won although Fidone has yet to sign and we don't know where Carnie is playing his college ball at yet. No idea who their QB's will be, what the OL is like, position coaches, or any of that. Yet, we have...
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    "Playing for iowa football was a living nightmare.."

    Yet we should stand for some of the things Osborne stood for during his time at Nebraska? What about the scandals/controversies at UNC, Miami, Alabama, SMU, and the list goes on and on. This is college athletics unfortunately. I happen to believe Kirk is a good man. Like many of us, we maybe...
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    Nobody is going to care about Colorado when we are in the Big Ten Championship

    Which is it Berry - going to do a lot of talking or take your own advice based upon what was in the 10 Things We Learned during the Press Conference article... “Today I said, ‘Enough with the talk, let’s work. Let’s hone-in on the details and let’s get better,’” Barry said. “That’s all that...
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    As Frost said, "we're still a 4-8 team until we prove differently".

    This is why I have such a problem with this line "Then there was the film of a Colorado player twisting Martinez's ankle at the end of the play, which arguably cost the Huskers not one but two victories" from Robin's article on the home page. 10 things we learned from Frost press conference...
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    3 B1G QB will be attending Manning passing academy

    Correct, I meant Blount. Yes, that Manning fella had a pretty good NFL career too!
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    3 B1G QB will be attending Manning passing academy

    I have no idea if he meant it or not. If he didn't then he could come back to the board and say he was kidding. There are a lot of internet tough guys on here (all message boards for that matter). If he was kidding then so be it. The OP started a thread on it and I think it's a great thing...
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    3 B1G QB will be attending Manning passing academy

    For a guy who has actually had a pretty nice NFL career, it's too bad that this is probably what he is most remembered for.
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    Xavier Watts

    I get tired of hearing about Notre Dame as much as the next person. just out of bounds and ignorant. You want to make fun of Kelly's crazy antics on the sidelines or how he occasionally will throw his own players under the bus- that is all fair. Your comments about killing a guy and...
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    3 B1G QB will be attending Manning passing academy

    That sure seems like a good way for an up-and-coming QB to handle himself in front of one of the most well respected families in the NFL that invites you to their football camp. Keep the sage words of wisdom coming, sparky!
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    Vegas O/U Wins

    Ohio State: 10.5 (Over +112, Under -130) Under - 11 is hard to get to although their non-conference is embarrassing Michigan: 9.5 (Over -168, Under +142) Over - I still think offensively they have the talent and with a new OC that is willing to toss out the 1970's playbook I think this team will...
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    Huskers will have three former ESPN300 Players starting in their secondary..

    Like you kind of hinted at - this is just one set of rankings. Rivals, 24/7, and others may rank slightly different. With that said, all these players listed play significant time (granted Jurgens, Washington, and Robinson might be up in the air) and Nebraska goes 6-6, would you lean towards...
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    In 2018, Kirk Ferentz was the Worst Coach in the Power 5

    Yes, that is what I was referencing was over a longer period of time. I'm sure because it's Iowa/Nebraska we are talking about is why that discrepancy with Ohio St. is bothersome to those on this board. Guessing if it was Nebraska/Illinois people wouldn't make such a deal out of it...
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    In 2018, Kirk Ferentz was the Worst Coach in the Power 5

    I was just pointing out who played who over that time. Not trying to make a point that one school played another or this school played Indiana more and the other played OSU more. Over time all of this stuff evens itself out. The schedule argument gets old after awhile, because regardless...
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    In 2018, Kirk Ferentz was the Worst Coach in the Power 5

    Since 2011 when Nebraska joined the Big 10 here would be the breakdown of the big 4 out of the East. I understand the disaster that was the legends and leaders impacts these numbers a bit, but overall they are pretty close with the exception of Ohio St. Nebraska: 19 total (8 H, 11 A) Ohio St...