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    You will beat BCC and get a win against one Big Ten team.
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    Frost is going to deliver the speech of a lifetime... "Guys it is about winning! Not being a loser. I'm making $5 million per year and I'm a winner. You guys are losers. Your moms think you're losers and so does your girlfriend. While you losers go back to your dorm tonight, I'll be...
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    Holy crap this team is trash.

    Frost rode those coattails of Saint Milton into a huge contract. He should send Saint Milton a cool million for his efforts.
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    Not a talent issue for you guys

    The coaching is really bad. They were saved by Saint Milton. They don't have him anymore. Chins might be the worst coach in the history of college football.
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    UCF struggling with FL atlantic

    UCF is 3-0 Nebraska 0-2. The Michigan game is early so maybe you can still be 1-2. I don't think Michigan is very good. Overrated being in the top 25.