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  1. GBR_Atlanta

    Moos said.........

    Man...I work with guys that are that scared and paranoid. One hasn’t left his house since March except to pick up groceries and food.
  2. GBR_Atlanta

    Big 10 getting burned in SEC country

    I find that they hate the B1G down here no matter what, and will always look for a reason to run their mouth about it. I’ve found that the most respected B1G program down here is...Nebraska. Maybe it’s our history, maybe our fans. I’m not sure.
  3. GBR_Atlanta

    Naming rights for Memorial Stadium?

    Haha. That is perfect.
  4. GBR_Atlanta

    Naming rights for Memorial Stadium?

    Runza Memorial Stadium has a ring to it. I can also hear “Welcome to football Saturday here at Valentino’s Memorial Stadium...”
  5. GBR_Atlanta

    Our players are now filing a lawsuit

    I would love for this to result in a clean break from this conference. Wishful (and dramatic) thinking I realize.
  6. GBR_Atlanta

    So if B12, ACC and SEC play, who's your "surrogate" team?

    Wife is a Georgia grad so I’ll be cheering for them, but I’ll be rooting for Iowa State this year in the Big 12.
  7. GBR_Atlanta

    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    I see that point, and agree. But I think the road would be much smoother in a conference where it isn’t cold/rainy the majority of the college baseball season. And games in Texas would be far better for recruiting.
  8. GBR_Atlanta

    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    agree. We pretty punched our baseball program square in the gut with the move to the B1G
  9. GBR_Atlanta

    Four regional non conference games

    I would love to see 4 non con games in the spring. Have them be against non power 5 opponents. Would be similar to a spring practice and give some of these smaller schools a chance to recoup some money for their athletic departments.
  10. GBR_Atlanta

    Any real chance you guys leave Big10?

    I’d leave the B1G today. And this isn’t fueled by the covid reaction, I’ve been feeling this as a fan for a while. I miss closer away games, recruiting Texas, and a lot of other things. I know the extra $ has been nice, but I can’t pretend I like it in this league anymore. To me, it just...
  11. GBR_Atlanta

    What are your thoughts on joining the SEC, yay or nay?

    The SEC would be interesting. Truthfully, if we leave this conference I’d like to go back to the Big 12 (realizing that isn’t a popular opinion). I miss a lot of things about that league- recruiting Texas, and away games that are a closer drive for our fans.
  12. GBR_Atlanta

    Jason Peter tweet

    Winning will cure all on the recruiting front. Can’t blame a kid for choosing a program that can develop players and turn out high round draft pics. It kills me, but this is the reality until we start winning...and with the product we have seen on the field it might be longer than we want to be.
  13. GBR_Atlanta

    Trash talking from the Red Army

    114...matches their average home attendance for basketball games.
  14. GBR_Atlanta

    Moorhead Out at Miss St

    Did his teams have some off the field issues? What a weird move for MSU.
  15. GBR_Atlanta

    LSU OU

    maybe 1 or 2 series. This game is done.
  16. GBR_Atlanta

    LSU OU

    I’d sit Burrow the entire second half.
  17. GBR_Atlanta

    LSU OU

    me too. We won’t get far in the B1G with than mentality. Last year answered that question. Good offensive numbers but a losing record.
  18. GBR_Atlanta

    What if......

    bret bielema
  19. GBR_Atlanta

    Just sayin

    How many swing passes has Wiscy thrown?
  20. GBR_Atlanta

    Hoiskers vs. Georgia Tech

    I went to the game last night. It was great to be around some other Husker fans and McCamish is a pretty nice arena. This was a very frustrating game to watch. I’m not even sure how many turnovers we had, or how long it was into the second half before we scored (we went Ice cold and it felt...