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  1. huskerdude88

    Covid 5.0

    Just like the flu...#sarcasm
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    Corona Virus

    Flu hovers between 0.1-0.2%. This is currently hovering around an overall of 3%. The good news is the definitive fatality rate is probably lower as it is highly dependent on accurate diagnostic numbers which we probably don't have. This is because we know you can be both infectious and...
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    The toughest HOL poster of all time

    Unacceptable! Guy
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    Chiefs pulling a Ravens..

    I agree. Not to get political but the country and arguably the world has become a society of absolutes.
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    Best part of this win...

    Unbelievable. Memory of a lifetime. Bio from of Harrison Martin: 2019 (Senior) Harrison Martin joined the Nebraska football team in the middle of the 2019 season after being a student only in his first four years on campus. He has not yet played in a game this season. Before...
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    Best part of this win...

    The kickers. Did I just hear that the last FG by the backup kicker was by a kid whose only been on the team for 3 weeks? Imagine what that story sounds like. Hey can you come and kick for the football team? Awesome!
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    In that second quarter I counted about 20 missed tackles. There were two plays that had 4. Fire Chins!
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    Concerns going up against Wisconsin

    Concerns going into Wisconsin...Does our entire roster count?
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    Underestimating the Chins factor, 3rd and long

    Ultimately I feel bad for guys like Colin Miller and Will Honas. The lack of communication is clear but the scheme is also horrible. Continuously matching up your OLB who you know doesn't have the athleticism to cover their slot WR is insanity. It's going to continue to get exposed unless we...
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    Joe Burrow visiting LSU this weekend - Update: NC this week

    Does anybody feel like for the last 20 years we've always been on the wrong end of these recruiting battles?
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    Jonathan Taylor

    Taylor will go for at least 300 all purpose yards against our defense. I would probably say 250 rushing and 50 receiving.
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    I say this as polite as can be...

    Third String walk on quarterback for Purdue marched them downfield exposing the same insane matchup of our OLB playing coverage against their WRs and TEs. It is clear they can't play pass coverage at some point you have to put in another DB that can cover.
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    I say this as polite as can be...

    But we have to be one of the dumbest teams in America. During one of our games last year Frost said as much and unfortunately it's continued. I can't believe some of this playcalling, scheme, and lack of execution. We can't get out of our own way.
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    It's both. I'm still trying to figure out which is worse...OLB on a slot WR, wide open wideouts on crossing routes, missing your wide open checkdowns, and not being able to punch it in from 3 yards out has alot to do with coaching. We have a talent issue but there's no question in my mind we...
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    7 deep with three WRs wide open
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    Feel really bad for Colin Miller. He's being put into unwinnable situations by Chinander's scheme. It's not just talent it's horrible scheme and coaching.
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    The buy in

    "His athleticism overcame the bad decision..." Let that sink in Purdue has players more athletic than guys on our defense.
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    Putting an OLB in Colin Miller on their slot WR is a losing strategy. That's been exposed all year, reared it's ugly head last week, and will continue to be exposed. Chinander has to make the adjustment.
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    Defense After Halftime

    The problem besides talent is that the team across the board is poorly coached. Horrible tackling, horrible use of hands by the lineman, terrible leverage by the lineman, and an awful scheme (i.e. placing an OLB on their fastest slot receiver). It's just all around bad. If you don't have talent...
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    Football and Analytics

    Now I know Nebraska football has a lot of problems especially when it comes to fundamentals but I thought I would throw this out there as food for thought. Analytics have been a big part of football recently and with the advent of faster internet and computer capacity we probably have more...