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    I want Husker Football as much as you, but...

    I guess all of those students in Econ 101 are immune?
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    Big Ten Only Season

    Are the masks in Chicago bulletproof?
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    10th Time NU has lost by 30+ Points Since Joining the B1G

    Used time machine for sale.
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    college entry exam cheating...

    It's all about the endowment.
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    The luckiest bulldog on the planet today - video

    Surprised so many people in Nebraska do not know the difference between a cow and a steer. lol
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    Hats off to Iowa

    Always glad to see the ABC/ESPN hype machine slip a cog. Even better with the Texas fans chanting SEC SEC in their bowl game, priceless.
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    Penn St making a huge comeback

    lol, go to head of the class. PSU coach must have had money on the game, or he is just really dumb.
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    Balloon tradition

    Some just like to stir things up just to see if they can.
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    Possible B1G expansion candidate: Colorado

    Missouri would not be a shock, but Alabama would.
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    More bowl games?

    True, but geography is everything, a little sunshine doesn't hurt.
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    Northwestern winning the arms race....

    A shanked punt could be very costly in glass replacement.
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    NCAA Baseball Tournament

    I recall somethings posted on this board when Nebraska joined the B10, one was NU would improve the B10 in baseball. What happened?
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    Cheer up Husker fans it could be worse

    What did you think was going to happen when you messed with the Devaney formula?
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    The real devil who killed Nebraska football. Full court press is on for Frost. GBR

    What about, "you can never go home" adage?
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    So this is ridiculous

    Should LEE corso be worried?
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    OT: Union Pacific

    Since CSX hired the Canadian to run the business he has be cutting and slashing to the point there might not be a railroad track left in Indy.
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    Helium is non-renewable

    Plus I have read that tons of helium is released just prior to an eruption of a volcano.
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    Hey Jim Delany ...

    Just wait until they want a game in London.