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    Do you think that Ohio State had anything to do with Gameday coming to Lincoln? The NU team this year certainly wouldn't attract Gameday. I think you need another QB other than #2. I read during the summer that your fans thought you had a Heisman candidate at QB.....did he get hurt? I doubt that...
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    Was it a mistake firing Bo Pelini?

    Bob Stoops
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    Jalen Hurts will transfer to Oklahoma for senior season.

    Well Mayfield wasn't recruited....he walked on without the knowledge of OU and the coaching staff. Tech objected like OU did and eventually he was granted an additional year of eligibility, which Kendall probably will also. At this time it doesn't appear to be a real problem or net loss for OU...
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    Jalen Hurts will transfer to Oklahoma for senior season.

    They are hesitant because he is looking at transfering to a Big 12 school. They don't want to have an opposing player that knows all of their plays, hand signals, tendencies, and other inside information that could be used against them. The unfair part is that the school objects for a player...
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    Jalen Hurts will transfer to Oklahoma for senior season.

    At one point Riley evaluated 3 transfer type QB's that were candidates for OU and after evaluating them he told our 5 star QB that he would not bring in another 5 star QB that would compete with him. And Riley didn't even offer the kid from Georgia nor the other QB....not even sure who that was...
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    Blue Bloods

    The term "Blue Bloods" regarding to football programs can be a matter of speculation depending on who you follow and root for. If you go on the above description then Yale and Army would be considered Blue Bloods since they at one time were truly Blue Bloods and if you can't take that...
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    Tier 3 rights for Oklahoma

    This showed up on an OU board and it involved what might happen in 2025 when the grant of rights expires for the Big 12. I don't know the validity of this article, just posting something that might be of interest to Big 10 schools. I personally would hate to see it unless Texas came with OU or...
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    Jamie Nance is N

    Tulsa offered him I believe and that is in Oklahoma.
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    8th in big ten

    Or a big time college program that would have made it easier to get to the NFL.
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    Another Juco Commit

    Looks like Frost is taking the Bill Snyder approach to recruiting. Might be a smart move....has to improve the talent level quickly.
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    Carriker had to check Iowa....

    This puts into perspective the two programs....some excellent points about program histories. NU has seemingly been seeking and eagerly wanting a rival. I think Iowa fits the bill perfectly, both geographically and from program strengths at the present time. The rivalry should strengthen with...
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    Oklahoma Recruiting

    Agree with you on that.....but each will have a full year of recruiting efforts for the 2019 recruiting class. Yes, Riley had more time on the 2018 class but the 2019 class is where each will have a full year in control of the recruiting efforts.
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    Oklahoma Recruiting

    Riley was on staff while many of the 18 recruits were recruited so yes, he did have some impact. But a lot of the recruits were mainly recruited by Stoops and Riley finished up on Stoops efforts. Most of the recruits signed were originated by the Stoops efforts, but Riley finished it up after he...
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    Oklahoma Recruiting

    Lincoln Riley has put a stronger emphasis on recruiting than did Stoops in his later years as the OU coach. Riley has been a lot more intense in the recruiting efforts and has changed some of the recruiting efforts so far. Proximity to recruits is also important and the changes in recruiting...
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    Oklahoma Recruiting

    The 2019 recruiting class will be the first class signed by both Frost and Riley.
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    As an Iowa fan, I am excited for you guys

    I was glad that Frost is coming back to NU to coach. I personally thought Mike Leach would be a better selection. He would tear up the Big 10 and especially the weaker West division. But Frost should do well and bring you back up to Pelini level win totals.....but with a much better public...
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    Nebraska football worth over $500,000,000

    When talking about money for a new coach and AD, this is something to consider.....a financial position of strength.
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    Nebraska should never have left the Big 12

    As an OU fan I disagree. I think NU made the right move by going to the Big 10. NU is more culturally aligned to the schools in the Big 10 West than they were in the Big 12. Plus there was an opportunity for NU to make more money in that conference....which I hate seeing college sports having to...