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    Time for OPS to make a change?

    Sadly this this is true
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    Time for OPS to make a change?

    There are kids that need this season to get out and be given a chance to go to college and play sports. Superintendent says school or sports. She may need to go. If the school board does not have the balls to fire her then when the next school board election is, the fine people of Omaha need...
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    Scott we are waiting.

    11/10/05 Scott's Thoughts by Scott Frost Sometimes I think that I care too much. I was in Lawrence on Saturday and I saw our guys go down in defeat at the hands of a team that we had beaten every year for almost four decades. I can’t tell you how hard it was to watch. Seeing Jayhawk fans...
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    Monday Dylan Jordan decision your predictions?

    Will we get one more shot in the morning?
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    Moos desk drawer

    The Mayor would be my first call
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    OT: State Auditor - Oops

    Word was that he was going after the city of Omaha firefighters and police for how they were using state funds.
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    OT: Death Penalty for Anthony Garcia

    I have seat across the table from this guy. He sacred the piss out of me. The sleeping shit is an act.
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    OT: State Auditor - Oops

    This is a set up by the OWH. Chuck is a good guy. He has done his job so well that there is nothing left to do but drink beer.
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    Reps for Florida and Frost Meeting per ESPN

    That is a great answer for us. Thank god
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    Blood Games, Riley, and being soft and weak

    Love the part about going live during the week.
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    Moving forward

    I believe that it has been 16 years since we played for the NC. Part of the problem it seems to me is that us Husker fans with the help of the local media and some poor coaching have been eating our own program alive. Remember we helped fire two 9 win coaches. If it is Frost I would like to...
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    Plane tracking

    It looks to me this plane never made it off the ground. What are the odds?
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    Question about TO

    Does he have an office in the athletic department? Not talk about any type of a job, just an office. If no office does anyone know how often he visits the athletic department? Or watches practice?
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    You hit the nail on the head. We need passion but not the type B.O. had but positive passion for the love of the game and state. In watching the video look at the number of players we had on O from the state.
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    Who is the next AD?

    I do
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    I can't believe Pelini lost this game.

    Pelini must have been one hell of a coach because he won with poor talent and HCMR lost with all kinds of talent.
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    Elliot N?

    I stand corrected. Nice job by ND for taking care of the guy. Now let's hope the game has not passed him by in those 3 years.
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    Elliot N?

    Not Riley - Diacos buddy this guy is 63 and 3 years from remove from coaching. He was put into a made up role because ND went younger
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    Elliot N?

    Looks like a has been or a buddy hire
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    Evaluate Iowa

    I hope AD SE has completed his evaluation of Iowa before he reviews HC MR for the year