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    Team Ferentz about to get run?

    KF will survive and still be the Iowa coach until HE decides to retire.
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    SI - Iowa

    Iowa fan. Had one encounter with Coach Doyle at one of his son’s high school games. Did not know it at the time but I sat next to his wife during the game ( no pic - an Iowa board humor) and met him after the game as he was down on the sidelines during the game. He seemed very friendly and...
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    Iowa coach has some explaining to do

    No, that was the old Michigan QB.
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    North Korea

    That just on the front nine.
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    RIP Hayden Fry

    The reason for that is that the show’s producer was An Iowa grad.
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    RIP Hayden Fry

    The one Nebraska thing I will remember at Coach Fry and Iowa/Nebraska is the 1981 game to start the season. Coming off the 1980 56-0 shellacking there was not a lot of optimism for this game. Before the game started talking to people who parked in our lot on Olive Ct. I made the comment to...
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    RIP Hayden Fry

    Two words every opponent will remember about Kinnick Stadium courtesy of Hayden Fry - PINK LOCKERROOM!!!!
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    Speculation on Sports Huddle.

    That depends on the NCAA transfer committee. They make some strange and bizarre decisions. My guess is depends on which part of the dartboard they hit.
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    Sounds sensible. The more popular boards will have more trolls, especially after a hard fought game where the home board team loses.
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    Refs decided the game with the 15 lame ass penalty call

    Then you can’t count to 3 yards.
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    Is Iowa our Rival? According to TO, they are not...

    Beating Nebraska is not the highlight of the Iowa season. It is Top 3. The honor goes to that school between our two. Close second is ‘up north’. as for the major bowl, Iowa won a bowl game Nebraska was very well known in, the Orange Bowl.
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    Hey Iowa! Kiss my ass if you don't like it

    Calling for 6 next year. The only difference is that your team won’t be the turkey on the table. A pre-Thanksgiving feast for the Hawks.
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    Refs decided the game with the 15 lame ass penalty call

    Bad calls on both sides. It just depends on which side your on. Both teams have reasons to gripe. In the end all that matters is which team won and what each coach says after the game.
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    We have to beat iowa

    Super Bowl for the huskers next week?
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    I think Bellevue West-

    Such fantasies. Even the best high school team wouldn’t beat ANY B1G team.
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    Iowa, Minn, or Wis?

    The Gofs/Tarnished Rodents have the difficult part of their schedule ahead. PSU, Iowa, NW and Wisconsin. Iowa and Wisconsin are road games with trophies on the line.
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    2021 schedule

    Iowa May be going for the P.A.T. Win in 2021 (7th straight win).
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    Fox sports.....

    Dish, DTV and cable, whether it is Cox,Spectrum or whoever all suck. As soon as the new TV is bought there will be none of them as we have had them all at one time or another. Also switched cell phone providers when AT&T got too flippin’ expensive. Called them and asked for a rate reductions...
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    NU versus NW Score Predictions

    kNU 27 jNU 0
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    2021 schedule

    Lot of cream in that schedule looking at it now. Getting the two Beasts of the East together is brutal. MSU & OSU could be beatdowns. Hairball will be gone from Michigan by then. Edit due to damn auto correct for Hairball