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  1. TheNewNU

    Nebraska-ization of the Big Ten

    Are you sure her name isnt Karen?
  2. TheNewNU

    Devine Ozigbo starting for Jags?

    Matt Davison told SF when he got here they needed immediate help at RB because what they had (Tre Bryant, DO, Mikale Wilbon) Werent any good. If I were Scott I wouldnt be putting too much stock in Davisons talent evals anymore.
  3. TheNewNU

    Scott Frost Gaining, Retaining More Elite Talent Than Seen in Decades

    I was clearly implying we wouldnt likely play a game by then. Welcome to the ignore list. You're joining quite a few door knobs
  4. TheNewNU

    People that loot and riot

    These weak minded and mentally ill kids have been brought up by their single mothers and liberal feminist teachers and professors on the idea that America is a horrible, no good, dirty rotten racist patriarchical country that only cares about rich white men. They are told their whole lives this...
  5. TheNewNU

    Need 6 teams to flip

    Universities are going to become more and more irrelevant as we move forward
  6. TheNewNU

    ex-gopher tyrone carter goes off on minnesota...

    Did Ellen's show get officially cancelled yet?
  7. TheNewNU

    Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren under scrutiny

    Im starting to think it was an affirmative action hire. What were this guys qualifications? Other than being a liberal hack?
  8. TheNewNU


    3 four stars is not enough. Unless we grab about 7 more this class is a failure.
  9. TheNewNU

    Our players are now filing a lawsuit

    The whole goal of the lawsuits is to get to discovery. Once we reach discovery its over for Warren.
  10. TheNewNU

    It is really beginning to sink-in

    0.3% of lives are at stake and with college aged kids that number is even lower.
  11. TheNewNU

    OT Poll: Peyronies Disorder

    Sounds painful.
  12. TheNewNU

    OT Poll: Peyronies Disorder

    A lot of self concious guys out there watching too much 'adult entertainment' thinking there is something wrong with them if they dont have a palm tree between their legs.
  13. TheNewNU

    Best #4 in Husker history

    Didn't Randy Gregory wear 4 for a year?
  14. TheNewNU

    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    My guess is he goes to Kentucky for a year plays sparingly and then transfers to Creighton.
  15. TheNewNU

    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    Found the Jaysker
  16. TheNewNU

    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    Alabama over Lincoln? Bummer
  17. TheNewNU

    Best #8 in Husker history

    He wore 7
  18. TheNewNU

    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    Ndamukong Suh