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    Moos input on scheduling

    I am a full on Frost/Moos supporter. But the schedule is out. Just shut up and play. This isn't much more than an abbreviated season that I still beleive the Big is looking for every reason to cancel. But if we do get to play out the season (fingers crossed) I am still excited to see where we...
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    We Called It!!!

    This thread is refreshing. Iowa trolls here talking talking smack our own suppose to be Husker fan that has been nothing but a troll running his gums. It really must be time for some football. Thank you baby Jesus. Disclaimer as long as the big 10 ,
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    Agreed and his daily tantrums on this board. He looks more like a fool by the day. Its pretty comical watching his meltdowns.
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    His obsession over Frost is creepy. Hopefully he has no ex girlfriends, they are probably in protective custody.
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    Nebraska-ization of the Big Ten

    What a rag. And to consider this as the darkest time in history with some of the worse scandals this conference has had? What a pathetic article.
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    343 Never Forget

    God bless America. I love our country divided or not. This is a day of reflection.
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    Wut ????? A NEW national anthem for the NFL

    I'm a life long chiefs fan just like a life long husker fan. I'm just happy I get to watch in of them play.
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    This will probably be used to end football....even though his team didn’t play.

    Exactly he us always assuming and full assumptions. Then calls someone out for the same thing. He is nothing more than a troll with no credibility.
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    The 1% blunder: How a simple but fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts caused the world to panic

    So let me get this straight. Somebody links an article about the virus. Then you reply bringing up and insinuating said persons politics. Assuming his reason for linking the article was political based..... Yet you are the only one that brings up politics. Hmm interesting.
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    B1G Set to Revote

    I haven't seen pics of him sniffing little girls.
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Haha what an ironic post coming from you and all old hear say.
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    POS Holtz receives a worthless award...

    People like the ok just makes me laugh. Such a sad person haha. Loser
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    People that loot and riot

    Again another exceptionally uneducated response. Hastings is Much more diverse than you will either know or admit. I do not live in Hastings anymore nor am from Hastings. So maybe just not open you're mouth and assume.
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    People that loot and riot

    People that riot and loot are not the victims either. They are nothing more than domestic terrorist.
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    People that loot and riot

    This response shows just how uneducated and unaware you are.
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    Big 10 getting burned in SEC country

    You need to take a break and go away. You are so over the top it is border line creepy
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    Actor Chadwick Boseman Dead at 43

    So sad at his age. Cherish everyday my Husker family everyday is a gift even in this f'd up year. Rih
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    B1G Discussing Thanksgiving Week Start

    Pay more attention to your own school. Outside of some Iowa parents protesting. Iowa has been quiet and has fallen right in line with of the rest of the conference sheep