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    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    Making rules for way after you are in charge is a politician bs play. All show
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    Wisconsin sued for letting Cephus back into school post "more likely than not rape"

    Interesting case of law & Title IX (and football) MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A woman who accused former Badgers football player Quintez Cephus of sexual assault in 2018 is suing the University of Wisconsin-Madison over its decision to reverse Cephus’ expulsion and allow him back on the football team...
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    Scott Frost press conference - interview

    You look really stupid and petty right now calling out where someone is when the fact is that they were saying their last goodbyes to their hero and father. You will always be known on this board for that.
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    Huskers Get Rapid Testing Machine

    Motives or intelligence?
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Raymond Woodie has been working him for a while now. Recruited him at FSU but when they canned that staff it changed things for Keyshawn. Woodie got him to choose FAU
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    This will probably be used to end football....even though his team didn’t play.

    Well blaming it was football that caused it is certainly dumber given HE WAS NOT PLAYING FOOTBALL
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    This will probably be used to end football....even though his team didn’t play.

    If they had continued football, his life choices may have been different and maybe he does not get it and is still alive.....
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Florida Atlantic (the FL 3 are at different schools)
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    This will probably be used to end football....even though his team didn’t play.

    That school had stopped football back in in July.
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    Dan Patrick: Big Ten doesn’t have enough votes to play

    So they needed 9 votes to NOT play is what we heard before. Yet we found out there was not a vote. So why is it not 9 to NOT play now given no official vote before. They would not have the votes for that. So it’s changed to 9 to play? This f’n thing needs a rule book to follow. It’s like...
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    Media va Social Media Influencer

    Thanks. That clears it up. Teddy should be paid not to tweet !!
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    Media va Social Media Influencer

    How can we tell the difference these days? The Big10 mess is an example. Whether Teddy Greenstein or Nicole is really odd to think of these people as ‘media’. Maybe I am the one confused.
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    LPD officer has died

    God bless him and his family. What a terrible tragedy. I wish he would get 1% of the care and prayers that criminals get when they die in a confrontation
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    Props to Sir Yacht......

    No. I think someone is using him to push their agenda (Ohio state) He is truthful; they are using him to apply pressure
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Seems To be a FL issue. Liking the GA and AL work/attention more and more now.
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    K. Greene in transfer portal.

    Headed for one of the real conferences
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    Do you think that...

    Agree that won’t be helpful for him. But the person that attacked him guarding a store did not know any of that. That is what bugs me. So I realize he f’d but how it went down, “look that ducker wants to defend a store, let’s kick the shit out of him” pisses me off. I hate to say it but the...
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    Iowa AD

    “Miracle to be able to play in October but encouraged about late fall start”. So oct is a miracle but Nov, one month later, sure! These are hilarious times watching and hearing the ‘leaders’ in this deal
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    Do you think that...

    He went to defend a store and was attacked. Think about the fact that we can no longer defend private property.
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    OT :Distance Learning??

    I have two in distance learning. Fairly organized but kids are just not as engaged and it’s seems hard for teachers given the situation. Today the Asst principle called me wondering if my kid knew who yelled “penis” during class yesterday. Sigh.