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  1. J

    What if Danny Ross is right

    My God, we look more ridiculous by the second.
  2. J

    Only Iowa and Nebraska voted to play

    Not surprising.
  3. J

    Do You Think We’ll Play???

  4. J

    JD Spielman

    Whatever. Shit is exhausting.
  5. J

    JD officially gone

    Better not let him transfer in the BIG. Screw the kindness stuff. Look out for #1. That’s what he is theory.
  6. J

    Expectations for the Spring Game

    Stands packed and pumped up. Hope outweighs past results in the spring.
  7. J

    SIAP XFL teams

    That league will last 2 seasons at the very most. The NFL season is long and we don’t need another one. Offseasons are a good thing for both fans and teams. I don’t care how many rules you change or US flags you wave. Fans will lose interest and this will not succeed at a high level. It’s cool...
  8. J

    Expectations year 3 for Frost

    Congrats. The new account has paid off. You have locked up the most annoying poster in short order.
  9. J

    Expectations year 3 for Frost

    No F’n clue. It’s January. No idea how those teams are going to be or how healthy this team is going into the season. I expect better than last year, but getting all wound up about year 3, 4 or 5 right now is pretty damn dumb.
  10. J

    LSU/Clemson College football championship who are you picking?

    LSU needs to run the ball a few times. Clemson is just pinning their ears back on every play.
  11. J

    Dome on Memorial stadium?

    Hell yes. Sign me up. I’m out on any game when the temp is in the 20s or less. The husker/OU conf championship in KC was the last game, pro or college, that I will ever freeze my ass off again.....ever.
  12. J

    Boycott SECPN

    Good luck with this nonsense. Imma watch the 2 best teams in the nation.
  13. J

    2020 schedule...

    We have no clue how good most of those teams are gonna be, so there’s that.
  14. J

    Mo Washington Gone

    Yeah. I think frailty might be an issue as well.
  15. J

    Seriously... is there a team in the BIG.......

    We dislike pretty much all teams that beat us and tell us about it.........which is most of them. Hence, the hate.
  16. J

    Mo Washington Gone

    Whatever. He is as exhausting as he is talented. Glad it didnt linger into the offseason. Hope he gets it together.
  17. J

    Harbaugh or Bo

    Have to admit. I wouldn’t have guessed the numbers would be so similar.
  18. J

    is joe burrow playing today?

  19. J

    LSU OU

    Men v boys.