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    Florida and Ohio High School football

    I'm looking at both flags right now, and I do believe it's a stretch to say the Thin Blue Line flag is not the American Flag. Not that concerned about it, just interesting how the "rules" have been stretched to accommodate a select few.
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    Lebron vs Covington

    These guys are literally fighting in a cage for money. Are you new to the fight game?
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    Lebron vs Covington

    It should be noted the UFC champion right now is Kamaru Usman, who happens to be a Nebraska grad. He knocked Covington out and broke his jaw a few months back.
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    Florida and Ohio High School football

    "The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature."
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    Husker fans prepare yourselves for this scenario Will be a real shame if we have a mini-breakout before that Ohio State opener. Tempering my expectations right now.
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    Robert Kraft set to get off

    No doubt in my mind that he greased a couple hands.
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    Mr Ronald Delancy changes his number to inside

    Is Delancey wearing a hoodie in September??? :p
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    OT:Jake Gardner found

    Yep. Only appropriate response.
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    We Called It!!!

    You have to love how it seems like we play Wisconsin and Ohio State back-to-back every season.
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    So if we're playing this game right...

    The Husker COVID outbreak to hit about 10% of the team on October 3rd? We can always reschedule that OSU game for the championship, right?
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    Ok, let's speculate on who will step up to be our 3rd WR

    Warner with the clutch TD catch against Iowa. Pretty sure he is going to play a lot. We need football players not Rivals stars.
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    So what's our schedule?

    Thurs, Oct 22 - @Michigan, ESPN Fri, Oct 23 - @Penn State, FS1 Sat, Oct 24 - @Ohio State, ABC 7 PM Kirk Herbstreit/Chris Fowler with Desmond Howard on the sidelines
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    Meet 6’4 230 pound 4 star WR Omar Manning and the rest of the new Huskers ....

    Anyone know Tannor's weight? Thought he would be a bit bigger by now. I'll settle for some playmaking on the field though.
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    Carter Whitt, 6 foot 4 inch Top 100 (63) 4 star PG expect to enroll mid year....

    Watched his video. Looks like a good penetrator that can dish it after drawing the double team. Could be deadly with some good 3-point shooters. Nice size for a PG.
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    Nebraska-Missouri 1997

    They even watered the field during the game!
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    1st crack in the wall . . . Baker Mayfield won't bend the knee

    Baker Mayfield will be lucky to be in the NFL in a year and it has nothing to do with whether he sits or stands for anything.
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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    I don't think you understand my point. It's already gone. You're just buying into manufactured theater right now.
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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    So the man-made virus is going to be re-released in Wuhan? That's what you're banking on? Again, if it's over there, it can be over here. If they can party in packed clubs like that, we can certainly pack open air stadiums to watch football games.
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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play? Wuhan, China. Ground zero. If it's over there, it can be over here.
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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    "in the United States" It's over. Was fun while it lasted though.