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    Urban Meyer compliments Frost, Huskers for 'swinging hard'

    I believe circa 2003 he said he wouldn't coach for a team that fired a 9-win coach like Frank Solich.
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    We Called It!!!

    Bring it on, if we want to be top 10 ever again we'll have to nut up and beat these turds.
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    Any word on VB season

    I heard it on Sports Nightly, thus Greg (I forgot the E in Sharpe o_O). I am a little confused on why they can't start earlier, maybe I missed the rationale, but whatever.
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    Any word on VB season

    Yes. Greg Sharp said January through April. Not sure if official and I'm too lazy to look.
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    It gets nasty cold up north in December. Will games be played....

    Some domed stadiums just in the B1G footprint: Lucas Oil Field (Indy) Ford Field (Detroit) U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis) UNI Dome (Cedar Falls, IA) Superior Dome (Marquette, MI) They have options if they want them. Use 3-4 of these to host 2+ games each. I don't care, just play football ffs.
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    Good job Duke...

    I'm sure they've changed their minds because of this thread. Good job, you solved neo-marxism and racism 👍
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    OT: Anyone have a robotic mower?

    Depends. Some kids in my neighborhood growing up had no idea what they were doing, set the blade too low and pretty much destroyed a neighbor's yard 😬
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    Meet 6’4 230 pound 4 star WR Omar Manning and the rest of the new Huskers ....

    Yeah that picture is from the first week in August when they assumed the season would start on time.
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    Nebraska-Missouri 1997

    Did Missouri score a TD that wasn't an illegal pick play?
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    Big 12 & ACC Back in Action Today

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    Ragin Cajuns take the lead.

    Not to mention Campbell is not in game 2 of his first big-boy coaching job with a second-string QB that doesn't fit his system etc etc yeah these are excuses 😬 still, ISU should be embarrassed.
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    What if Kevin Warren is actually making a genius-level play?

    It's not going to magically disappear, and you're an idiot if you think anything will change after the election until a vaccine is released.
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    So... How many football players/staff died this week?

    They also said Obama hypnotized Jews into voting for him. Your source is a joke.
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    Props to Sir Yacht......

    I assume those that don't have goldfish attention span/memories.
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    B1G Set to Revote

    Only for people who believe Boaty McBoatface I suppose.
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    Watching CU get wrecked by Oregon in their bowl game afterward didn't help. I was concerned after the OU game in '00 but by the time the 2002 Independence Bowl was over, concern had given way to general despair :oops::eek:
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    big 12 attendance

    Yeah I think they meant to say no tickets have been sold :oops:
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    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    That was Brian Cushing.
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    Best 'Hitters' in Husker History?

    1:32:28 mark. Keyuo Craver didn't have a ton of big hits that I recall, but he jarred that guy's fillings loose on that one :eek:
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    Wilbon and Howard

    Their arguments were pretty much scripted.