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    Jim Delany News ...

    A large percentage
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    Recruits flocking to college football's coolest 'man cave'

    First, look up the definition of ironic. Second, of course our upgrades won’t start with the stadium, however that needs to happen in the not too distant future. There’s no reason talk of facility upgrades has to be limited to “recruiting” facilities. Norwestern can’t fill their current...
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    Jim Delany News ...

    A lot doesn’t equate to every.
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    Recruits flocking to college football's coolest 'man cave'

    We need to be a top 5 spender on facilities period. Unfortunately we couldn’t even change the tunnel walk song starting in the early 2000’s b/c of a “tradition” even though the tradition began 8-10 years prior. I don’t even want to think how up in arms the the blue hairs would be if we ever...
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    Jim Delany News ...

    Everything I’ve read about the guy says he’s a excellent hire. Seems to be very well respected. In my opinion his resume is more accomplished than Delaney’s was when he was hired away from the Ohio Valley conference. It was also very forward thinking to hire the first black power 5 CEO...
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    OT: Tipping questions

    Tipping is part of their wage which allows the more deserving to earn more money. When a business has to pay $10-14/hr for wait staff vs the $2.13 many pay their staff their overhead goes up. Do you want a commission based system solely based on what you perceive to be quality service or...
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    Xavier Watts

    The current coaching staff was on him almost immedialty. Why would a receiver be upset that he could help the qb feeding him the ball win a heisman? If he feels disrespected by either of those things that would infer to me that he’s pretty high on himself. He’s talented, but not a must get...
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    OT: Who’s has luck buying online suits?

    I’ve ad great luck on-line with Macy’s and menswear house. Just know your size and spend the $30 tohave it tailored. If you don’t know your size go to men’s wearhouse and have them measure you. Check out both sites for previous years clearance suits. Both are easily returnable with free...
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    Nuggets vs Trailblazers

    Or in my own living room, back yard, and car outside of White Castle.
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    Nuggets vs Trailblazers

    Bad calls both ways, but I think Jocik must’ve majored in theater.
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    Nuggets vs Trailblazers

    No dog in the fight for me. Lots of terrible calls both ways.
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    Nuggets vs Trailblazers

    I think the refs may have partook in some nuggets before the game.
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    Nuggets vs Trailblazers

    I think the refs may have partook in some nuggets before the game.
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    Mills (not) on track

    Yeah as long as you go to class. Those were the only damn classes I had outside of labs that attendance was a large part of your grade and they gave you electronic clickers to monitor it. I don’t personally learn from lectures making them a complete waste of my time. I had asked a friends...
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    Baseball: This board versus huskermax

    How is the deck stacked against him in the big10? All the big10 schools have the same restrictions, so that argument holds no weight in conference.
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    OT Tyreek Hill not charged

    Or if they just realized that breathing on Tom Brady warrants a roughing the passer call.
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    OT. Any Omaha pizza that is worthy?

    Damn, I didn’t realize you are still in college. You’ve been on here 10+ years. Let’s all take this as a reminder that there are preteens on here and to act appropriately.
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    Big Fred

    He said better
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    New rifle coach

    You’re right. I should’ve left off the last 2 sentences. I will edit it.
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    New rifle coach

    95% of Americans have no issues with the rifles that are used in these competitions, so there shouldn’t be too much to argue about.