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  1. bigboxes

    If you could restructure the B1G divisions, how would you do it

    Been saying that for a long time. Legends and Leaders was stupid jerrymandering crap. Natural divisions are best. NU had it all handed to them when they joined the B1G. They didn't live up to their end. I'm patiently waiting for Coach Frost to turn the corner and get to .500 ball.
  2. bigboxes

    Alex Gordon to retire
  3. bigboxes

    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    1. Notre Dame 2. OU
  4. bigboxes

    Robert Kraft set to get off

    Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
  5. bigboxes

    Robert Kraft set to get off

    Seems he has a lot of pull. I always knew he would beat it. What a jerk off.
  6. bigboxes

    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    You and I are cool. Have been for a long time. He just said what I am thinking. Get tired of the whining on this board.
  7. bigboxes

    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    He may not care about the Huskers. He may be a troll. He also may be right.
  8. bigboxes

    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    Sorry, but the whining is insufferable on this site. Poor Nebraska. Everyone has got it in for us. I thought the whining would end when we left Texas and the B12.
  9. bigboxes

    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    We were brought in to help balance out the conference. The West should be ours. It wasn't for our tv sets. It was for our name and winning tradition. If we can get Coach Frost to get above .500 that would be helpful.
  10. bigboxes

    BIG Officiating Corrupt

    Another whiny post. Self defeatest at it's finest. We are now Iowa State.
  11. bigboxes

    Quit whining, this schedule gives us character

    Right? Remember when NU joined the B1G? Everyone on here was talking about how inferior of a league it was and how we were going to just kill them and dominate the conference. Now, the same posters whine about the difficult schedule and question our fit in the B1G. Lame.
  12. bigboxes

    Quit whining, this schedule gives us character

    A lot of whiners on this board. Boo. Hoo.
  13. bigboxes

    Fox Sorts Radio

    Bunch of whiners, ITT. The B1G set it up for NU to dominate the West. Not sure it's their fault that we didn't live up to the hype. Most talented team in the West year in and year out. No more excuses. Here's to Coach Frost figuring it out once he gets his talent on the field. GBR
  14. bigboxes

    Larry Frost

    Wow. RIP Mr. Frost.
  15. bigboxes

    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    My father "hung it up" when I was about 10. He just didn't like to kill.
  16. bigboxes

    OT: Denver Nuggets, WOW!

    That is an amazing feat. I was watching the hockey game and had to bail on that after one OT.
  17. bigboxes

    Did I miss it?

    Like an Elvis sighting.
  18. bigboxes

    So looking forward to deer hunting!!

    I could kill a mammal if they were breaking into my home, but hunting for sport is not for me. I totally respect it. My ancestors were avid hunters though. I read an article that there are a lot less hunters in the US these days. I would do it if I had to.
  19. bigboxes

    OT: Summer to Winter in just a few hours!

    I'm wearing shorts today
  20. bigboxes

    B1G Set to Revote

    Back to topic, anyone ready to give up? Waste of energy.