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  1. redwine65

    If you could restructure the B1G divisions, how would you do it

    4 non conferance games west NU, minn, iowa, wis, illi, nu, mich state east the other ones champ game west champ vs east champ then mich & ohio state can keep their game geographic & road trip sence, plus a decent balance of power
  2. redwine65

    Top 10 least Favorite college football teams.

    we get beat by alot of people anymore so it's hard to focus dislike for anyone in particular :)
  3. redwine65


    Im for who ever make tech stocks bounce
  4. redwine65

    A ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035

    I think the market will decide, not libs in california
  5. redwine65

    Poll: Should Nebraska leave the B1G

    only if we could go independent, but apparently only notre dame can figure that one out,
  6. redwine65

    Positives for the season

    I think a positive could be found in the big wanting the NU vs osu, wis, penn state, match-ups to make some money. Nebraska put eyes on tv....alot more then osu vs. rutgers...and in a covid reality, folks need to make as much as they can
  7. redwine65

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg died

    I'm not sure if Cruz should replace ginsburg or be President in 2024, it's a delema I suppose Newt could be in 24
  8. redwine65


    I'm of the calvinist view, that everything matters:)
  9. redwine65

    Big Games

    I'd like to see it be everyone in the west play everyone in the west, one cross over game midseason...then the east and west champ play. it would be less travel, less possible spread of covid
  10. redwine65

    Are we being played by the big 10

    Nebraska, ohio state and iowa, should just play each other and teams from other conferences. and the presidents from the other big schools should have to sit in their empty stadium during cancel game times, and wear a dress, at the 50 yard line....on national tv
  11. redwine65

    Lift Every Voice and Sing.

    Nebraska doesn't have a nfl team, thankfully, so I can ignore the nfl drama queens and fake national athemes
  12. redwine65

    Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

    weed should'nt be legal, we have to compete globally,, but not draconian laws either, just enough to police it
  13. redwine65

    OT: Anyone have a robotic mower?

    yard work is good exercise, so I don't want to get a robotic lawn mower unless it's reasonably priced and does a good job
  14. redwine65

    OT: Anyone have a robotic mower?

    I have a neato vacuum and it vacuums in nice straight lines, do they make robotic lawn mowers that do that? or are they like rumba's that go everywhere randomly? and if you do have a robotic lawnmower, do you like it and what kind? does it do hills ok?
  15. redwine65

    OT Residential HVAC

    control comfort
  16. redwine65

    People that loot and riot

    I haven't made any list either, just stumble on them on youtubes :Cool: