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    Implications of Nebraska parents lawsuit

    Yeah, no one thinks that
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    Hunter Sallis - top 12 list

    But he can make $500k a year at UK, still get to play basketball in front of a full house, and there’s girls in college. Not so much in the G league
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    Who really shut down B1G football?

    Did the parents get their requested information?
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    Brett McMurphy: "Kevin Warren Jumped the Gun"

    I don’t think people are getting it. There was no vote because the B1G doesn’t vote unless it’s 14-0. They don’t officially vote until everyone is on board. If 12 teams to 2 where for for canceling, it was still on the table for discussion until they can flip the final 2 schools or they flip...
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    Best #6 in Husker history

    I think the OP meant 3 favorite of all time, and not 3 favorite #’6s. Sandman def wore 89 and Croel def wore 88
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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    thanks for the input. That’s good to know
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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    Why exactly should the parents be “ashamed” ? Because they want a better understanding of leaderships decisions that impacted their kids lives? Do you think basic PTAs meetings are embarrassing? Parents aren’t asking for compensation or even to reconsider their decision. Parents are asking for...
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    Report: Every B1G AD was in favor of playing fall CFB season

    If they were afraid of lawsuits, then they must be terrified now. Their decision didn’t “legally” keep them safe, especially since we have contradicting statements about what took place in the meetings. Their medical judgement was based on a study that has since been “debunked” by two well...
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    Implications of Nebraska parents lawsuit

    Make no mistake, in Minnesota there’s only one show in town too. It just ain’t the Gophers. Last year was the only time I’ve ever seen Minnesota University have a solid showing in fan support and that could have been just a fluke year
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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    I read a lot of legal contracts at work and this one read well in my opinion. I may be a minority here but the B1G litigation team is at a major disadvantage here. 1.filings done in a US Court in the state of Nebraska. 2.the main parents covers two schools. 3. The parents are only asking for...
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    Implications of Nebraska parents lawsuit

    $53MM across the the board for the B1G so when comparing to B1G schools revenue & expenses to other B1G revenue & expense (which is what I’m doing) that $53mm is a non factor ( a wash). and having Nebraska’s fan base as viewers of the BTN helps the BTN and the conference and ultimately that...
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    Implications of Nebraska parents lawsuit

    but we still sell out every home football game and our basketball attendance ranked #11 last year and TV market is extremely high and all of this with a horrible teams in basketball and football. Wait until we have winning teams again. The tv market share will kill. We still bring more to the...
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    Implications of Nebraska parents lawsuit

    what have we done in conference to make us attractive? Well we can start off with Being ranked 21st in the nation in revenues for athletics. And when you drill down further, you will see that we are extremely high in ticket sales and rights / licensing. We are the 2nd highest school in the B1G...
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    Nebraska parents to file lawsuit

    Yeah the lawsuit is more about poor leadship and lies then it is about football. This lawsuit could likely lead to exposure of awful leadership which would force the B1Gs hand of terminating Warner. I can’t wait until we get to read the minutes and see if their was an actual “vote” of if...
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    Best #9 in Husker history

    Taylor. Part of TOs highest ranked recruiting class and Steve was Toms QB of choice that class. Could have signed Rodney Peete instead but TO went with Taylor. Peete went on and finished 2nd in the Heisman his SR year behind a so-so RB no one remembers. Winking
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    Sir Yacht

    I finally figured it out who Whitmire reminds me of and Apparently I’m not the only one. The evil lady in Harry Potter
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    When will Warren be fired

    My answer is both - He should be fired ASAP He won’t be fired because we live in bizarro world now that the power belongs to the vocal minority
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    Sir Yacht

    No, apparently the practices have the same magically protection that protest have on Covid. Crazy that with all thats happened in 2020 no one is talking about how magic is actually real.
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    Sir Yacht

    Governor Whitmire has zero jurisdiction over the B1G schools outside of Michigan and Michigan State. If they don’t play, she has zero say in what the B1G does and can’t threaten a lawsuit. thats like me telling my kid he can’t go to the park and threatening to put a lawsuit on the neighbors...
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    After one week of classes Notre Dame already on lockdown

    Jemele Hill tweeted “if you vote for Trump you are a racist” and 250k loved the tweet. That’s called the new McCarthyism and kind of makes it hard for some to be open about their support of Trump. I know quiet a few of those people, whose wives call the Don the devil and hubby agrees. but get a...